DIY No-Sew Pet Bed

Course Craft


  • 2 pieces of coordinating fabric I used three just because I liked the colors together
  • 1 pillow or stuffing or foam or filling


  • Cut both pieces of your fabric to desired size – this is going to depend on how big or small your dog is. I found a pillow I wanted to use as the inside, laid it out on the fabric and cut around the pillow leaving about 4? all the way around for the fringe. I also just hand cut it, I didn’t really care how unevenly I was cutting.
  • Line up the edges of both pieces of fabric. Cut a square out of each corner.
  • Cut your fringe. I basically cut a slit about an inch apart all the way around.
  • Tie the fringe into double knots along three sides. You can do this while watching tv, which is great.
  • Take your pillow and stuff it inside careful to make sure it is inside, the correct way.
  • Tie up the remaining side of fringe.
  • Fluff & Enjoy!