Summer is officially here, it’s hot and I’m constantly looking for fun ways to cool down. Why not enjoy fun & festive summer cocktails?

15 Summer Cocktails to Beat the Heat

These 15 summer cocktails will provide you with plenty of ideas for beating the heat, celebrating with friends and family or simply enjoying at a good BBQ.

I’m not sure what it’s like in your neck of the woods, but here in St. Louis it is already very hot. Miserable hot. Summer is not my favorite time of year at all.

The humidity here is enough to make me want to run screaming and yelling back to Arizona where I lived for 2 years. Yes, it’s hot there too, but it’s a dry heat. One I enjoyed much more.

But since that isn’t happening, I have to come up with fun and creative ways to stay cool. Enjoying delicious summer cocktails on a hot day or evening, helps make this heat more bearable. Enjoy and drink responsibly! 

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat

1. Grilled Spiced Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

A cold tropical beverage with a small twist, this Grilled Spiced Blue Hawaiian Cocktail uses grilled pineapple turned into the juice for the cocktail. Delicious!

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - Grilled Spiced Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

2. Honeysuckle Berry Vodka Spritzer

Talk about a refreshing summer cocktail with all the best. Sweet honeysuckle infusion with three berries and a vodka spritzer. Yes!


3. Rhubarb Elderberry Cocktail

A sweet, tart, refreshing cocktail, made extra special! Rhubarb Elderberry Cocktail is a unique addition for any holiday or event! The color is amazing!

Rhubarb Elderberry Cocktail Featured Image

4. Coconut Rhubarb Basil Cocktail

Sweet, tart and refreshing. beautiful colors abound in this summertime Coconut Rhubarb Basil Cocktail. The flavors are amazing and literally fit any mood.

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - Coconut Rhubarb Basil Cocktail

5. Lemon Blueberry Moscow Mule

A sweet, slightly tart, but very refreshing twist on the classic cocktail. This non-traditional Lemon Blueberry Moscow Mule is delicious and a really great way to cool off on a hot day!

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - Lemon Blueberry Moscow Mule

6. Korbel Ruby Rose Cocktail

Korbel’s Ruby Rose Cocktail – a flavorful berry cocktail – a little sweet, a little tart but oh so wonderfully refreshing and delicious!

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - Korbel Ruby Rose Champagne Cocktail

7. Cotton Candy Cherry Lime Champagne Cocktail

A sweet, champagne based cocktail that screams Summer Fair with it’s delicious cherry flavor and cotton candy addition.

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - Cotton Candy Cherry Lime Champagne Cocktail

8. Captain and Loco

Creamy Coconut and spiced rum intertwine to create this fun, tropical drink that will surely help you beat the heat of summer.

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - Captain and Loconut

9. Blush Slush – a Frozen Blackberry Cocktail

A twist on the popular frose trend, this frozen slush is as delicious as it is Instagramable. Enjoy with a spoon or a festive straw – or forgo both and slurp away!

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - Blush Slush - Frozen Black Raspberry Cocktail

10. Captain Morgan’s Sunset Sipper (plus two more)

Get on island time with Captain Morgan’s Sunset Sipper, where there are no worries and the only time that matters is when the sun goes down and the celebration begins.

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - Captain Morgan's Sunset Sipper

11. S’mores Martini

A fun, delicious drinkable s’more! This martini screams summer!

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - S'mores Martini

12. Dragon’s Breath Cocktail

This is a great cocktail for any celebration but due to it’s extremely fruity nature it honestly is perfect for a summer BBQ!

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - Dragons Breath Cocktail

13. Captain Morgan Springtime Sunset

Not just a fruity, tropical blend of goodness, it’s also beautiful too!

Captain Morgan Springtime Sunset

14. Birthday Cake Cocktail

Celebrate someone special with this delicious Birthday Cake Cocktail that tastes like…. yep… birthday cake!

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - Birthday Cake Cocktail

15. Dragon’s Sunset Cocktail

More Fruity delicious fun, perfect for a summer bbq, a festive celebration or heck… just a hot day!

15 Summer Cocktails To Beat the Heat - Dragon's Sunset Cocktail

What are some of your favorite summer cocktails?

Let’s get some more of the BEST Cocktail recipes:

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