Moist Sweet Cornbread Recipe – A Real Favorite!

Moist Sweet Cornbread Recipe


The best moist sweet cornbread recipe out there, just read the reviews. There is nothing better than a Sweet Cornbread. This cornbread recipe continues to be the most popular on my blog.  Everyone seems to want a moist sweet cornbread recipe and one that keeps for an extra day or two as well.

Have you ever tried to find a cornbread recipe that is moist and sweet at the same time? Yeah, me too. This cornbread recipe is just that. Wait until you try it. You’ll fall in love and never go back.

Just read the comments below – the ones who try it that want a moist sweet cornbread recipe try it and stick to it. For some reason, my


entire childhood, I never really cared for cornbread. That was, until my ex-husband, who is from the South, introduced me to his grandmother’s cornbread recipe. It was a sweeter recipe, and didn’t taste as gritty as what I’d known cornbread to taste like. It became my cornbread recipe of choice during the years of our marriage.

When I got re-married, I really wanted to find a cornbread recipe that everyone in my whole family (all 7 of us) would eat, because even the one I had learned to love, wasn’t appealing to my children. It was time to find a moister, cornbread.

It took countless tries, and many failures before I was able to create this Moist, Sweet Cornbread recipe. I’ve had so many people say it is all over the internet and was there before I posted it. Well, considering I shared the original form of this recipe on an adoption reunion board in 1995 to a group of about 100 women, and then again shared this version on an old website of mine from the late 90’s… I’m willing to be it’s MY recipe that is circulating around. That’s okay, share the love. But don’t tell me it’s not mine. The many ruined batches, countless hours in my kitchen and many attempts at perfecting this, are slightly insulted. haha

This is a moist, cake like recipe that is perfect with soups, stews and chili’s. I have modified and tweaked this cornbread to be what we want since the original. You can even add a drained can of corn to it if you want corn pieces in there too. It’s all up to you. And it still tastes great and remains a moist cornbread rather then the dry counterparts you often find!

Our family loves to eat the leftovers in the morning for breakfast served with melted butter and honey. Delicious! Seriously, it’s moist sweet cornbread that just reminds you of home and a little of cake. Because who doesn’t love cake? It’s not cake. It just kind of reminds you of it.

Moist Sweet Cornbread Recipe

5.0 from 47 reviews
Moist Sweet Cornbread Recipe - A Real Favorite!
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This sweet cornbread recipe is award winning and is full of moist sweet flavor. It really is the perfect cornbread!
Recipe type: Side
Cuisine: Mexican
Serves: 10-12 servings
  • 1 c. cornmeal
  • 3 c. all-purpose flour
  • 1⅓ c. sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ⅔ cup vegetable oil
  • ⅓ cup. melted butter
  • 2 Tablespoons. honey
  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • 2½ cups whole milk
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9×13 inch baking dish.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, stir the cornmeal, flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt.
  3. Pour in the vegetable oil, melted butter, honey, beaten eggs, and milk, and stir just until moistened.
  4. Pour the batter into the greased baking dish and bake in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. Watch the cornbread towards the end, you want it to be turning golden and starting to show some cracks.
  5. Remove from oven, serve warm with butter or honey or simply plain. It’s amazing!

Moist Sweet Cornbread Recipe

It is absolutely fantastic with Chili. The perfect anytime addition to any meal, and the kids absolutely love it. We bring this cornbread recipe for events, picnics and other activities often and I always get rave reviews and the kids that try it always tell me they didn’t like cornbread until this. An entire pan was devoured in only 10 minutes very recently, so I am confident it’s a winning recipe.

Serve it with this delicious Perfect Chili Recipe or with any of these soups.

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  1. whereiam says

    Okay .. I tried this recipe yesterday because I had this huge sudden craving for soft moist cornbread. This recipe is AWESOME!!! Definitely a keeper!!! The cornbread came out excatly as I dreamt it in my mouth — soft anmd moist and sweet ..yums!!! I think this will be our household favorite for quite a while =) Thanks!!!!

  2. Nicole Humphrey Cook says

    So happy to hear you tried it and liked it. This is such an easy, but delicious corn bread. I told you, I didn’t like cornbread until THIS recipe. LOL

    • Andrea says

      Can I cut all of the ingredients in half and the cornbread come out the same way? I don’t need the full batch. Thanks

      • says

        I have not tried it that way Andrea, so I am not sure. You could make it and then freeze the extra if you wanted for another meal.
        If you do decide to cut the recipe in half, let us know your results. I have a big family, so I wouldn’t ever be able to cut it in half. :)

  3. Jackie Cooper says

    I love sweet corn bread and since reading the reviews for yours, I plan on trying it – here in South Africa! I want to leave my friends with a little taste of Mexico (there are no Mexican restaurants around), so I think I will add some jalapenos (from a jar) and substitute 1/2 cup of the whole milk with the jalapeno water from the jar. Maybe I’ll add some cheese. I will let you know how it turns out. It should be good cuz I’m starting with a recipe with great reviews.

  4. mrs. dixson says

    I plan on making this cornbread recipe for Thanksgiving. Super excited!! Hope it comes out just like the picture!!!

  5. Lady X says

    Ok…im intrigued…my mom ONLY wants to have Jiffy and i refuse to go another yr with it…i want cornbread from scratch. The reviews got me so no i HAVE to try it…the only thing is i wanted to try a recipe with real corn in it…i’ll see how to incorporate it.


  6. Michigan Mama says

    Delicious!!! The recipe was easy (I made a half batch and cooked as corn muffins), perfectly sweet and moist – just as promised! It was nice to eat cornbread that you can actually pick up without it disintegrating!

    • Helen says

      ICan’t wait to try this, but I think I’d like to make muffins…any advise…temperature of oven…length of time? Thanks.

      • says

        I’m not entirely sure Helen, the temperature typically stays the same but the amount of time that they would go in the oven would be drastically reduced. Most muffins cook for about 10-15 minutes, so I would imagine setting your timer for 10 minutes and then checking with a toothpick until it comes out clean would be the best route. Please do let me know how they turn out. :)

        • Helen says

          Wow…they are amazing..thanks so much for the recipe…it will be a regular for us to be sure!

          I baked them at the same temperature for 15 min…fabulous!

  7. Radmamma says

    This was the best sweet cornbread recipe ever!

    I used freshly ground corn and honey granules instead of sugar and substituted unrefined coconut oil for the veg oil.

    This was better than birthday cake!!

    Thanks for sharing xoxoxox

  8. Lady X says

    So this post is super late but i made this recipe for thanks giving…substituting 2 c of all purpose flour with whole wheat flour…EVERYONE RAVED about it!!! My girlfriend’s been getting at me for months to send her the recipe…I finally am! Thanks so much…JIFFY NEVER AGAIN!

  9. Mike says

    I’ve been longing for a recipe like this since I had it in a diner years ago. It’s great!
    We had guests over tonight for gumbo. The bread is great alone and it’s complimented when drizzled with sorghum or honey. Thanks for sharing it. I think you’ve nailed it. :)

  10. Jannine says

    FANTASTIC. No more box muffin/cornbread mix for me and my family. Thank you for posting this delicious recipe!

  11. Jessica says

    Whipped this up last night and threw in some blueberries for a breakfast bread. The comment from my husband “You have to make this again”

    Great recipe

  12. Joi says

    Since married-1993, my spouse and I have been trying(kitchen competitions) to perfect cornbread. Today I finally won. My spouse could not believe that I make the cornbread from scratch. I will be adding the recipe to a cookbook that I am making for my teenage soon. Thanks you.. Still baising in winning. Arlington, TX.

  13. verblk says

    I tried this recipe because you said you never liked cornbread because it would fall apart same thing with me. this is thebest cornbread I ever tasted. I made chili then put it in a pan and poured the corn bread batter on top then baked it. it was is the best corn bread I ever tasted. so moist and sweet thanks a million. passing this recipe down to my daughters

  14. Jasi Lee says

    Absolutely the very best cornbread I’ve ever made or tasted. I wish I had honey, but had to sub agave. Still amazing!

  15. Courtney says

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I came across your recipe and decided to try it. One thing though that I risked by making a change is increasing the (white) corn meal to 2 cups and reducing to 2 cups flour. I added a 1/2 can of chopped up corn too. It turned out really, really good! Thank you!

  16. Gloria Cosme says

    I tweaked it a tiny bit by adding a pinch of vanilla and cheddar cheese strange but it was absolutely amazing

  17. Cory says

    I made this tonight after googling “soft moist cornbread”. Past attempts at homemade cornbread failed. Well…my husband loved it so much! He asked me to give the recipe to his mom!! The kids loved it too!! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

  18. Irene Acevedo Cruz says

    Turned out great loved it will be making more batches. After I pulled it out of the oven I brushed honey on top and on the sides completey yummy!

  19. says

    I have been searching and tweaking cornbread recipes trying to get something even close to a cornbread I had at Randy’s BBQ. It was sweeter, moister and more-cake like than the typical dry, crumbly cornbread I grew up with. I didn’t even have to tweak your recipe as it was fabulous as is! It’s so wonderfully moist and rich that it doesn’t even need butter! Definitely a keeper!

  20. Amy says

    This is the only recipe for cornbread I will ever make again! I LOVE it and everyone I’ve made it for LOVES it too. Thank you!

  21. says

    First try at making cornbread. Moved to Australia and really missed it. Not out of the oven yet, but it smalls good as it cooks. I am definately a novice at anything dealing with an oven and had to have the wife watch me as I mixed it. Wish me luck :)

  22. Jenny Meigs says

    I don’t like cornbread either but I thought I’d give this a try. It is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! I’ve made it 3 times now and my whole family loves it!

  23. says

    Thanks so much Jenny, I’m glad you enjoyed it! We make it all the time, probably a bit too often.
    It was always funny because I wouldn’t touch it for all those years and now we eat it all the time – but only this recipe. :)

    • Arlene H. says

      Going to make this for tomorrow’s church picnic. Hope it turns out great too :) Thanks so much for the recipe!

  24. Darlene Clark says

    Nicole, I have to tell you that THIS RECIPE is the best I’ve ever come across. Made it yesterday to accompany the Chili I made yesterday and was wowed beyond belief how moist your cornbread recipe is !!! Loved it and it will be my staple recipe from now on. Thanks so much for sharing !

  25. Madonna says

    This recipe is wonderful! When cornbread is needed for our big family meals they now request that I make it. Actually it upset my mother that her cornbread was no longer requested! Oops! I never have whole milk on hand so I use a can of evaporated milk and use 1% to eqaul 2 1/2 cups. Also, I put an extra tablespoon of honey. I also brush the top with melted butter when it comes out of the oven. Sooo good! Thank you for sharing!

  26. Cowcharge says

    Great recipe! I never made cornbread before, and I’m sure glad this is the recipe I found. Everyone loves it, I make it every couple of weeks.

  27. Hzl says

    Couldn’t find my old recipe and needed to bring cornbread to a party…found yours… So many complements and brought home an empty Pyrex!

  28. Jamie says

    I do not normally like cornbread but I needed to make some for a mexican fiesta dinner party I attended. I wasn’t planning on eating any but when everyone was raving about it I took the last piece and tried it and it was so good. This is so different then any other cornbread recipe I’ve ever tried. I will be making this again.

  29. Jasmie says

    Such a great recipe. We’ve made it a lot of times now and everytime I am so surprised by how wonderful it turns out. thanks!

  30. Lee Franklin says

    Never liked dry crumbly cornbread. Spoonbread? Sure, especially if it is spiked with cheese.

    But this! Wow. At first I thought the ratio of cornmeal to flour was over the top, not to mention the amount of sugar in the recipe. But I made it tonight and can’t even stop to heat up the leftover chili before slicing off a couple of crunchy, soft, sweet pieces. They need nothing to go with, although a dab of butter doesn’t hurt!

    I did sub buttermilk for about half of the milk, only because it needed using, and the recipe doesn’t suffer a bit from that replacement. Thanks for adding a new favorite to my recipe book!

  31. June says

    Finally a cornbread I love. I couldn’t believe it was still as moist the second day as it was the first, how is that even possible?
    The only thing I changed was to add a drained 15oz can of corn which I pulverized a little in my food processor first to the recipe just to get some little pieces of corn throughout. This is the best cornbread I have ever had. My son prefers it without the corn but says its the best cornbread he’s ever had too. Thank you for a great recipe!

  32. says

    A beautiful, sweet cornbread. I was worried because the recipe said stir just until moistened, but it is really a somewhat loose batter so I had to stir more. I also let it bake an extra 10 minutes because it was so light. After it was golden brown, the center of the pan was wonderfully moist, but the edges where it was browned, weren’t so much. I should’ve just used a toothpick to check at the 45 minute mark.

  33. Cheryl says

    Fabulous cornbread! This is the recipe I’ve been searching for years for!
    Exactly as promised; moist & sweet! And so simple to make!
    My family loved it. I will never make any other cornbread.
    There is just no need to search further for that perfect sweet/moist cornbread recipe!
    Thank you for sharing it!

  34. says

    Oh my, I have never been able to make good cornbread even with mixes! Finally, I have done it with this recipe! I wonder what other miraculous feats I will accomplish tomorrow. My husband is in pain because he ate too much but thank you! It’s so good!

  35. Laura says

    Wow! Glad so many people love this recipe. I think I have a clue why: Last year, my daughter and I modified a basic yellow cake recipe (from scratch), to make what we called cornmeal cake. The ingredients and proportions of our cake recipe are very similar to this cornbread recipe; in addition, the cornbread recipe contains double the egg and oil content of our cake recipe. Like so many other reviewers, I’ve never been a fan of dry, crumbly cornbread. So now, we can all have our cake and cornbread, and eat it too!

    • nbo69 says

      This cornbread is etherial, I cant believe it! it is just perfect, even after slight tweaking. I did’nt have whole milk so I divided the milk portion of the recipie with farmland skim plus milk and half n half. I also added dark brown sugar to the sugar ratio and used 4 extra-large eggs; lastly, I used half butter/half oil. Thank you, I cant wait to make another one!

  36. Christine Shipley says

    This was a fabulous cornbread! I substituted applesauce for the oil to save on calories & fat. It was sweet & moist with the applesauce. I also made it in individual muffin tins vs a casserole dish. My dinner guests loved it and this a keeper for me!

  37. trudy says

    I just tried your moist, sweet cornbread recipe after reading so many awesome comments. It certainly lived up to the hype! Thank you for your contributions to the world of the Foodies!

    • says

      It would be better if you stuck with the all purpose flour, however if you can’t get to the store you will need to omit the salt and the baking powder from the recipe. Self Rising Flour already has a built in rising agent, so you might have a problem with that.
      I also cannot verify how great it will turn out with the self rising either, since I’ve never done it that way. Hope that helps. :)

  38. says

    We tried and loved this cornbread SO much, that we are featuring it on our website and linking back to this post. I hope that is OK. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Pam @ The Patriotic Pam

  39. Nikki Bennett says

    I surfed the net for a moist cornbread recipe and chanced upon yours. This was so good that I shared it with my mom and co-workers. I substituted using self rising cornmeal and removed the baking powder and it turned out perfect. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful recipe. I will never use Jiffy mix again!

  40. Lauren says

    I made your recipe using what I had on hand…It was amazing! I used molasses instead of honey, and 1 cup of greek yogurt mixed with 1 1/2 cups of Almond milk ( vanilla, unsweetened) in place of the whole milk. This really is the most delicious and moist cornbread ever. Thank you so much !!!!

  41. Trish says

    I’ve been looking for a sweet cornbread recipe for the longest time. I’ve tried so many, but they all let me down. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your recipe! It is, by far, the best. I’ve made it countless times and it always comes out the same 😀 Thank you for sharing *hugs*

  42. Jean Wriht says

    Just made this tonight- Just the hubby and me so I halvedthe recipe and made it into Jumbo muffins. Super yummy!! Been looking for a good sweet moist cornbread recipe for years and I finally found it. THANKS

  43. lu says

    This was delish! Anyone have ideas on how I would add creamed corn or bacon/ham to this? What ratios to use?

  44. vcslibrarian says

    Have tried a dozen cornbread recipes and this one is the BEST! This one is moist and sweet. This recipe will stay in the family for generations to come. Thank you!

  45. Lynne S. says

    FANTASTIC !!! Best ever cornbread by far. I made 3 batches for a Chili Supper fundraiser and had countless compliments from both men and women. If you are wanting a cornbread that is rich, moist, and sweet, this is the recipe to try. It keeps well, too, but don’t expect to have any leftovers, it is that good !

  46. carlos.mauricio says

    Me parese fantastica lareceta. tengo una duda 1c de harina de maiz y 1c. de harina todo uso una cucharada? favor infirmarme .gracias

  47. Cowcharge says

    I wanted some cornbread and had never made it, so I googled and compared recipes and the words “moist sweet” got me, along with all the eggs. As everyone else on here says, it gets raves. I added more cornmeal (I do that with the “main” ingredient a lot when I cook, like extra p.b. in fudge). Great recipe!

  48. says

    Hmmm. I like my cornbread not-so-sweet, but since everyone loves this, I think I’ll try it with the Hoppin’ John I’ve been craving for weeks. :)

  49. jand says

    The best corn bread ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want it more moist, decrease the milk add buttermilk!

    • says

      I believe you probably could add a bit more sugar, but I do think it might change the cornbread texture, crumb and moisture a little. I say, a little – it might not be that noticeable. I’ve never tried it that way. Let us know how it turns out.

  50. Kay Cee says

    WOW! Made this tonite to go with my maple baked beanie weenies. No honey on hand, so I added 1 extra Tblsp of sugar. DH is lactose intolerant, so I used non-dairy creamer mixed with warm water to sub for the milk. It worked just fine and the taste/texture was perfectly DIVINE! Also a fab for recipe for breakfast with blueberries folded in…Can’t wait to try that! Since there’s only 2 of us, I halved the recipe and baked in an 8×8 pan in the toaster oven. PERFECT! I’ll never use another recipe. DH kept oohing and ahhing throughout the whole meal. Thank you!

  51. Bri says

    Won’t be trying any other cornbread recipes after this one. Best cornbread ever! Perfect sweetness, moist and great texture! Thank you!

  52. gs says

    Is the baking temp. 350 F/C? Is the butter salted/unsalted? Also if I want to add in few nuts/fruit which nut/fruit would u recommend & how much?

    • says

      350 degrees F. I am pretty sure I’ve used both types of butter, and never had it taste different to me, so I guess it’s your choice. I am not really sure what kind of nut or fruit would be good in cornbread. I’ve only had it with corn in it, and nothing more. Please let me know what you use and how you liked it! :)

  53. says

    Finally, I don’t have to buy boxed cornbread mix! We love this recipe. It’s become such a staple to go with my chili that I posted a link to it on my blog. :) Thanks for sharing!!

  54. Vickie says

    Wow,I made this cornbread cake this morning and it was absolutely delicious. Since I prefer more of a cornmeal taste, I did alter the recipe a bit (2 cups of cornmeal and 2 cups of flour,1/2 teaspoon of salt and I used only butter),but it still came out perfect. I would definitely make it again, only using half the recipe.Thanks for a great recipe!

  55. Ashley says

    Even after 80+ comments for this recipe, I still feel the need to leave one. I came across this recipe a few months back and have even been using it in my catering company…always outrageous compliments! We make batches of bags of the dry ingredients and write what is needed for the wet ingredients/cooking temp/time on the bag. This recipe is outstandingly versatile and suits many dietary needs as well as menu ideas…almond milk for the lactose intolerant, add BBQ spice to pair with BBQ, sour cream for even more luxe, topper for casseroles, cornbread bowls for chili, …everything! You deserve a royalty!

    • Ashley says

      P.s. I have witnessed gluten-free and vegan guests come back and dip into this dish after sitting around people eating and commenting about this cornbread recipe!

  56. Tracie says

    Have ham beans and cornbread on the menu tomorrow. Tired of dry cornbread with such a great soup. Gonna give it a try…….will let you know

  57. Evelyn Tam says

    Made this recipe last night to go with my Vegie Bean soup & it was superb! Used whole wheat pastry four, egg beaters, agave & soy milk with a little lemon juice & everyone loves it. Thank you very much for sharing this excellent recipe.

  58. Ronnie Hull says

    I made this recipe a few nights ago and it was the most awesome corn bread I’ve ever made or eaten. Needless to say its the only recipe I’ll be be using from now on. The only thing I substituted was by using pure non hydrogenated coconut oil for other alternatives and usedthe 2% milk vs. whole. Delicious and I give it 5 stars.

  59. Ginger Jordan says

    I’m getting ready to make this recipe and was wondering if it is necessary to sift the flour or just add it as is??

    • Ronnie Hull says

      I’d say no to the flour Ginger. I used bread flour myself and it worked great. Also used pure coconut oil too and unheated, unfiltered honey. Needless to say it turned out fabulous.

  60. Keisha says

    Let me start off my saying this is one of the best homemade cornbread recipes I’ve ever tasted. My preference is always Jiffy, love the sweetness of it. Very seldom will I post a comment regarding a recipe I’ve tried, but this deserves all the raves it can get. Definitely, a keeper and no more Jiffy.

  61. Suzanne says

    Fabulous corn bread–best I’ve made in 60 years of baking. The secret, I think, is the proportion of corn bread to flour–not 50/50 as in all other recipes out there–and more eggs.

    Nicole, this was my first effort at making it, and I cut the recipe in half. Still delicious, but a trifle dense. Can you tell me what should be tweaked, if anything, to get a slightly lighter texture? If not, I’ll continue to make it “as is,” and I’ve printed your chili recipe.

    Thank you!

  62. Emily says

    So i’m currently baking this in the oven!! I’m craving cornbread and fried chicken so… you are fixing that crave! :)

    • Emily says

      Just realized….. I forgot to put in milk!!! I wonder how this is gonna be. Also i didn’t have any honey so i just used Vanilla extract…. i feel like i’m in for an interesting meal lol

  63. Danielle Liddell says

    This is the best cornbread I’ve ever made. Every time I bring this to church functions other social gatherings or just make it for the family I get nothing but compliments and people begging me for a copy of this recipe. Its amazing and I’ll never use a different recipe. Thank you so much for this!

  64. shesamazINgnyc says


    Normally I add an extra egg and some sugar to Jiffy, but it’s still not right.

    This recipe is perfection.

    I was worried it would make too much, but it’s half gone, an hour after I took it out of the oven. It’s so delicious!!

  65. Molly says

    I don’t love cornbread. It’s dry, crumbly and gritty. I’ve tried and tried and tried, but could never find a cornbread I liked… till now. This cornbread is awesome. A little like cake, moist and sweet with just enough crackle of cornmeal in the texture. I’ll make this again and again. I can’t wait to have it with barbecue or chili or even with honey & vanilla yogurt. It’s delicious plain out of the dish. Thank you for creating this recipe. It’s a keeper.

  66. Iris says

    I made BOTH the original and a healthier alternative and it was definitely a great recipe.

    I Used NON salted butter (it wasn’t indicated on the original) for both recipes.

    The alternative was made with wheat flour instead of all purpose and the vegetable oil was taken out and replaced with no sugar added apple sauce. Both were very moist and cake-like. the wheat defiantly tasted different with a hint of apple flavor but still was fantastic. I may put slightly more cornmeal and a bit less flour next time.

    I also used a light colored 10inch round pan for both- be aware it took nearly an hour to cook at 340degrees

    My family thought both were absolutely delicious- most people went for seconds on the wheat- I guess because its a little more guilt free. All asked for the recipe on both. My meals are always a hit- now I have hope that maybe I can finally make a good impression with my baking too!

  67. Nikki from Trinidad says

    Awesome Recipe!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I made this today and served it with some spicy chilli!!! It was a winner! Rave reviews from my guests.

  68. Angela says

    GREAT cornbread! I did make one change… the first time I made this, I followed the recipe exactly and thought it needed a little more corn flavor. So the second time, I adjusted it slightly and made it with 2 c. cornmeal and 2 c. flour and it was PERFECT! Thanks for the recipe!!

    • Lynette says

      Glad I saw your comment. I followed your alterations and it came out great. thanks for posting.

  69. JOY THIEL says


  70. Sophia says

    This recipe is awesome! I’ve always loved sweet, moist cornbread but I’d never been able to figure out how to make it. I’ve tried many recipes and they mostly came out too grainy or crumbly or dense. I also have a wonky oven so I burn things easily and the temperature settings are off, but this rose and browned a little nicely enough for me to see when I should pull it out. And best of all, it was delicious! I halved the recipe because it’s just me and I ate about a third of the loaf before it fully cooled. I’m already looking forward to having some more tomorrow morning! Thanks very much for posting this!!

  71. Crystal says

    Well it’s in the oven….I changed a couple things…used buttermilk and 2/3 cup butter and 1/3 oil 2 tsp. pure vanilla and I will drizzle the top with honey when it comes out of the oven…had an already favorite recipe for cornbread but liked the sound of this so combined the 2…will post how it turns out.

  72. Marilyn Stiles says

    I was looking for a moist and sweet cornbread….. Seriously, I’ve tried soooooo many recipes! Finally…….THIS is it!!! Just deleted previous cornbread recipes. Thank you so much! Baked at 350 degrees for 43-44 minutes.

  73. Marisa says

    Because of you, I have gained 5 lbs but boy is that happy weight! The cornbread has satisfied even my pickiest teenager! It’s very cake -like and delicious. It still falls apart somewhat because of the light texture so I’m afraid to add corn. But it’s truly the best recipe I’ve ever made. So sweet, you don’t need any extra honey or butter after it’s cooked. My family thanks you. Now off to the gym. Curse you:)

  74. Tai says

    Made this recipe….awesome!! This is definitely a keeper! It is moist and delicious as promised! Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

  75. Pamela says

    I made this cornbread today and it is fabulous. Best cornbread I have ever had.
    Since this makes a 13×9 pan, just a tad too much for me and hubby next time I
    just might cut it in half and make it in a 9×9 pan. I think it should be fine. You can
    add jalapenos to this or cheddar cheese the possibilites are endless.

    Glad I came across this. Great recipe.

  76. Martha Jacobson says

    Wondering about the nutritional values to this recipe… calculate Weight Watcher points….calories…

    • says

      Sorry, I have no idea about Weight Watchers points or even the calories in this recipe. I don’t provide that information on my blog, but perhaps another reader might see it and help out. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  77. Wayne Wilkinson says

    Aloha from the Big Island!
    Thanks, Nicole, for this fabulous recipe! I whipped this up the other day for some friends and ALL of them said it was the best cornbread they’ve ever tasted. I was a cup short of milk so I made up the difference with yogurt. OMG, did that knock it out of the park! I will try it next time without to compare. Also, I cooked mine in a cast iron skillet, which always rocks.

  78. Maria says

    Excellent Recipe, When I made the cornbread, it made the whole house smell so good! unfortunately this cornbread is so good it never made to the next meal. It was so good we ate it only with milk. It’s gone and I have to make more. Thanks, for the excellent recipe.

  79. Terry L says

    I made your recipe and it was great. One thing, I was disappointed in, is that mine did not have as fine of a texture as the picture above. I tried making it again, substituting quick cooking polenta and cake flour. It didn’t make a difference in the texture. Any hints on how to achieve that finer, cake like texture?

  80. Ana says

    Excellent recipe. I added sharp cheddar and jalapeños and it came out wonderfully. This recipe is definitely a keeper. I was afraid it would be too sweet but it was perfect. Thank you!!!

  81. Paulette says

    Appeared a bit dense at first so most of the family didn’t bite. I was grateful :0 then found a spot in the fridge as a hide out for this excellent cornbread! Great with coffee!
    Thank you! Tastes like John Coffey’s cornbread looks!

  82. Jacquee says

    Tried this recipe last night using 1/2 ingredients. Completely filled an 8×8 square pan. More than enough for 2 people. It was wonderful and great with my homemade chilli. Hubby said, “Don’t lose that recipe!” Best ever! Had it for breakfast today!

  83. Pete says

    I have not had much success with baking anything in the past but wow, what a nice forgiving recipe. Made a half batch. Used multi-grain bread flour, skipped the melted butter and added a bit more oil. Used 1/3 cup brown sugar, doubled the honey and threw in some white sugar to make it a bit sweeter. Made 3 mini loaves which I baked for about 25 minutes at 350. I think they turned out great. Hubby, who does not like corn bread, ate more than half a loaf with supper and another 3/4 loaf warmed up for breakfast the next morning. He did say he would have liked it a bit sweeter though. Next time half a sweet batch for him, half not so sweet for me.

  84. says

    Ridiculous! I quadrupled this recipe for the local community center dinner and got rave reviews! It was moist and sweet with enough cornmeal crunch!. This recipe is a keeper for my house.

  85. Cj says

    Have gone through all the replies looking for any ideas on how to use this as a cake recipe. This is the best cornbread recipe ever!! When i eat this cornbread I think it would be awesome as a dessert with a dark chocolate frosting. Has anyone tried this?

  86. Christine says

    I searched the web yesterday for cornbread to go with Homemade soup. When I found this I wanted to try…..OMG!!!! it really is the best Cornbread recipe I’ve ever made. I’ve printed it and will be using it from now on.
    Thanks Nicole for this recipe, it really is a KEEPER!!!

  87. Sara says

    Oh…my…gosh. This cornbread is better than cake! CAKE! The best trick of all — let it cool down until lukewarm, then cover it with a lid or plastic wrap. The next day it will be sooooooooooooo moist.

    • Cindy says

      I’ve been using your recipe for over a year now. I love it! I had to convince my son that this cornbread was different than the dry gritty breads I’ve made before. He didn’t like cornbread. After trying this he said he really liked this cornbread and that it was good! I will never try another cornbread recipe again! Thank you!

  88. Cindy says

    Also wanted to share that I have frozen this and it works great when reheated for a quick meal! I also bake it in a cast iron skillet. I melt a tablespoon of butter then pour in your batter and it is heaven!

    • says

      Hi Ruth, the only difference between white and yellow corn meal is the color of corn used when it was ground, so you can use either one. I used yellow, but it wouldn’t matter. I hope that helps relieve some stress.

  89. Philomena says

    I made this for the first time last week and won a cornbread baking contest in work. It’s awesome! I didn’t realize I was out of honey until I was half-way though the recipe, so I substituted maple syrup. I’m making it again right now. YUM!

  90. Mickey says

    Gosh, with all the positive comments, we can’t wait to try this. Might even replace the Martha White’s Cotton Picking cornbread mix ( with 3T sugar added) we’ve been using for almost 50 yrs.

  91. Cathy says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I made it for my fiance and have received two marriage proposals in the last 24 hours. LOL!

  92. Kim says

    Thank you for sharing this recipe! This is the best cornbread I have ever made. While mixing the wet ingredients I melted the butter in the microwave and it never made it into the batter, I only found the melted butter when I went to heat up lunch for my son. As soon as the cornbread was done I couldn’t wait to taste it. It was yummy, even without the butter. Next time I’ll add the butter!

    • Richard says

      I tried this, and though I cook oftain, I don’t ever try to bake anything. It came out perfect and my wife loved it. Has anyone tried swapping the milk with creamed corn? I didn’t want to mess up a good thing but I’m curious to try it with the creamed corn.

      • says

        Richard, we have added actual corn to the recipe (not substituting it for anything) but not creamed corn. If you do try it that way, please do come back and let me know what the results are. I am definitely curious. I’m so glad you enjoyed it though! :) Happy Holidays!

  93. Loren says

    I was suspicious about all the positive reviews so I had to try this. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! I still have half a pan left and I dream about eating it by myself. It’s perfectly sweet, but still has that corn taste.
    I did have to adjust baking temperature, baking powder, etc. because I live in a high altitude location but it came out perfect.
    Thank you for the great recipe.

  94. Abigail says

    I’m dying to try this so bad..but I was really looking for a recipe to store in my pantry as a big bulk potion…how could I do this but with your recipe?

    • says

      I am not sure how you would do this with my recipe. It’s not made for an extended shelf life, and would lose much of is moistness and softeness, negating the reason for this particular recipe.

  95. Keli M. from Lino Lakes says

    Just had to add my “OMG!!!” to this comment section. This is almost like eating cake! I served it with honey butter I made from heavy cream and honey (easy-peasy to do yourself), and my boys and husband were absolutely beside themselves! This was fabulous. Definitely on the “Please make it again, Mom” list. Thank you!!!!

  96. Shirley says

    I’m making this for a progressive dinner so I’ll have to travel with it….should I make it the day before? What’s the best way to reheat it or can I serve it room temperature?

    • says

      Hi Shirley,
      It can be served room temperature and still tastes amazing. I have not tried reheating the whole dish, since there’s not usually much left. An individual pieces heats really well in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds. I would almost just stick to room temperature and allow others to warm up a slice if they want to. Still tastes great unheated.

  97. Kathy Colarusso says

    Cut recipe in half,and it came out great! Filled the house with the best smell,and looked just like your picture! Thanks for no crumbly cornbread anymore!

  98. Mary says

    My family LOVES this recipe. I have had to cut it in half and just recently I added more honey and my husband just lives this. Every month I have to make it. It reminds me so much of when cornbread used to taste good. So moist so sweet so in love. I am pinning this to my Pinterest so everyone can enjoy your masterpiece. Thank you souch for this.

  99. Katie says

    Thanks so much for sharing your recipes! This is the first cornbread recipe that my whole family (of 8) has ever agreed on. Even my picky eaters went back for more. I will defiantly be making this again! Thank you!

    • says

      Sure, just be sure to let it cool completely, and then cover it well with plastic wrap or put it in an airtight container. If you want to serve it warm, zap a few slices in the microwave for about 15-25 seconds.

  100. says

    This is one of the best cornbread recipes I’ve tried. I subbed butter foe the unhealthy vegetable oil called for, and it turned out super delicious!

  101. Lynette says

    I found this recipe yesterday and decided to prepare this morning. Well, I didn’t have milk so I used almond milk. I used 2 cups of corn meal and 2 cups of flour just like another person did. Came out just fine. This is a wonderful recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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