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50+ Patriotic Red White and Blue Recipes Crafts & DIY Projects

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50 Patriotic Red White Blue Recipes Crafts DIY Projects

Who doesn’t love a fun patriotic recipe, craft or DIY projects?

It helps to set the mood for your party, event or barbecue and the red, white and blue of everything ties the whole thing together.

Here are some of our favorite recipes, projects and crafts found around the web.

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We just love this fun Red, White and Blue Cookie bark made with Oreos and M&M’s.

We love how cute it is and keep thinking there are so many possibilities to add other things. It’s  so fun to look at and makes the perfect treat!

50+ Patriotic, Red, White, and Blue Recipes Crafts & DIY Projects {Linky}

This always catches my eye whenever I come across it in my pinterest recipes. Such a cute little mini pie idea.

I adore cooking with my muffin pans, makes perfect, single servings.

These mini pies can be made with any fruit or flavor and used for any event.

I’m a bit partial to making mini cherry pies for the fourth of july, but mini pumpkin pies for thanksgiving is also on my to-do list.

50+ Patriotic, Red, White, and Blue Recipes Crafts & DIY Projects {Linky}

Jello takes me back to my childhood.

And I just love the vibrant red, white and blue color that Lori was able to obtain.

I love this and what a fun dessert to eat!



How cute are these little fruit cups? Seem like the perfect mini dessert for your Fourth of July BBQ or really just anytime you want to serve some cute berries to your guests.


How awesome are these? And what a fun surprise for whoever eats one.

Take a big bite and get red, white and blue stripes. I love making my own candy, how about you?

803c9e317ca7dce5d067e8e690d430f5 Fourth of July Pinterest Recipes

Such a fun and festive presentation.

I love the mini shot glasses as a serving method, and what a delicious idea for cheesecake trifles.

The pretty red, white and blue of these, makes them perfect for your Fourth of July holiday festivities.

34902965832724163 I4JuWMRK c Fourth of July Pinterest Recipes

You’ve heard of pineapple upside down cake, but these take that just a step further.

Individual little cupcakes with a beautiful red, white and blue color!

8405d176b89029fea3b09ffd5c845687 Fourth of July Pinterest Recipes

This is my friend Angie’s punch from a couple years back.

Pretty cool how she got that awesome layered look.

What a fun addition to your Fourth of July get together!

a7610f1f8f16ad5322a565829e3d686d 675x900 Fourth of July Pinterest Recipes

Everyone forgets about breakfast.

The kids (and, come on be honest, the adults too) love having fun food for breakfast on the Fourth of July too.

These cute patriotic pancakes fit right in for your Fourth of July breakfast.

f2d10bad8192bd519218fc9a57dc3816 Fourth of July Pinterest Recipes

You’ve probably seen these before. I know I have. All over pinterest.

Cheryl, from Tidy Mom created these adorable little candied apples a couple of years back and they went viral.

How could they not? Look at them! The vibrant color, the sprinkles  – what a fun, festive treat!

199495458463164928 QS362tzw c Fourth of July Pinterest Recipes

Everyone’s seen popsicle stick flags.

I made them when I was in preschool, my kids did and then when I was a teacher I made them with my students.

But Ginger Snap Crafts seriously took them up a level and then created this adorable banner with the finished flags.

Such a fun idea and nobody would know they were popsicle sticks!

I just love these sparkly wands inserted into a festively decorated tin bucket from Crafts, Unleashed.
This would make a fantastic centerpiece for your fourth of july table!



These are really not a decoration, and they are so simple.

But the thing is, you just place those on a table and they decorate it just by being cute.

 I love the presentation on these little bundles of licorice. And who doesn’t love licorice?

553f94b4799e0d5af56469f941a65c1c 700x467 Fourth of July Pinterest Recipes
The moment I lay my eyes on these, I was smitten.
I just love how this looks and can imagine it not only as a table centerpiece but as something that sits on the fireplace mantle, an end table, in a sun room,
….whatever… wherever… this is a really beautiful project.
I’ve always loved clothespin crafts and I can remember making a clothespin christmas wreath when I was really little.
I just adore this cute hand crafted clothespin fourth of july wreath from Cat’s Craft Room!
flag wreath
I love this idea for a cute end of the BBQ hand out.
Everyone gets their own little bag of s’mores that they can use right then, or take home with them.
Printable is available on the website.
I just loved these adorable cupcake toppers from the moment I first saw them.
I love how easy they are and I love that they can be interchangeable for different holidays. Adorable!
cupcake toppers
These cute Patriotic Swirl Sugar Cookie Bars are just adorable and festive for the 4th of July!
I love this Patriotic Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bark.
I’ve never heard of anything like it and it looks super yummy and perfect for a special 4th of July treat!
I’m a big fan of popsicles and I love non-traditional ones and ones with unique flavors.
These Red, White ad Blue Milk Pops are definitely calling to us to make some up for the 4th this year!
I adore these little Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries from Fifteen Spatulas.
Top with a blueberry and you’ve got your red, white and blue all wrapped up in one little bite sized snack.
The moment I saw these, I was positive they’d be on our menu.
I love these Strawberry-Blueberry Tapioca Parfaits!
It’s a three tier Fourth of July Chocolate Cake that is festive and beautiful oh… and did I mention?
Stephanie made it Gluten Free!!
I love candy, and I especially love gum drops.
I just love these adorable Red, White and Blue Gum Drops from Hungry Happenings!
Red White and Blue Gumdrops
How cute is this bandanna tablecloth?
I love that we could change up the colors for different holidays!
This easy Elegant Candy Bark is perfectly patriotic and looks great on a table too!
How cute are these? Smarties Firecracker Treats! The safest (and yummiest) kind of fireworks yet!
These patriotic ice cream sandwiches not only look festive, but they are a great way to cool off and taste delicious!
A perfect treat for after the fireworks!
Happy4th of July!

And there’s more! Look below for MORE patriotic recipes and crafts!

If you’ve made, or found any cute Fourth of July crafts, recipes, decorations or DIY projects, please feel free to add them to the linky below and share with everyone! Thanks!

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Thursday 27th of June 2013

Oh, my. Such a plethora of wonderful ideas! I'd love to make those dipped strawberries! And a whole bunch of these red, white and blue party ideas!!! Thanks, Nicole!


Thursday 27th of June 2013

This is a fabulous resource, Nicole. It's nice that most of the ideas are really easy, too.


Wednesday 26th of June 2013

I love this round up Nicole. It's festive and I have some great ideas now. Thank you.

Nicole Cook

Thursday 27th of June 2013

Thanks! I had a lot of fun putting it all together!

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