Getting hungry for some Irish fun? This is a huge source for 77 (plus a few more thrown in for good measure) of the best St. Patrick’s Day Recipes to make for your upcoming Irish inspired celebrations!

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Whether you’re looking for sweet, or savory – there are St. Patrick’s Day recipes to cover everything! St. Patrick’s Day appetizers, desserts even main dishes!

Very Brief History of St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is is a cultural and religious celebration, celebrated on March 17 each year. This significance behind March 17, is that it is the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, who is was the foremost patron saint of Ireland.

Of course, today’s Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations are drastically different than back then. Besides wearing green so you don’t get pinched, 

So obviously, any holiday celebrating food and eating food, is right up our ally here on Daily Dish Recipes. We absolutely love both traditional and classic St. Patrick’s Day Irish recipes, but we also enjoy more unique St. Patrick’s Day recipes too.

You will find a great mix of both right here.

If you want to learn more about St. Patrick’s Day, this resource has plenty of information.

Ready to check out the best St. Patrick’s Day Recipes?

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Best St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Now let’s get a look at those recipes! 

77 Best St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Originally posted March 1, 2012 – Updated February 17, 2022


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