Halloween Oreo Candy Corn Bark

Orep Candy Corn Bark-Title

Halloween Candy Corn Oreo Bark

Welcome to the last and final day of our spooky treats week!

Pam from Blueberries and Blessings and I have had so much fun this week with our fun Fall & Halloween treats and recipes.

Here’s what you might have missed, simply click on the photo to see the recipe.

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Today I brought Halloween Oreo Candy Corn Bark. And it’s so yummy!

Oreo Candy Corn Bark

Halloween Oreo Candy Corn Bark

It was ridiculously easy too. You just kinda throw things in the pan, heat for a bit and then throw in some candy and Oreo cookies and you have this fun, delicious bark. My kids have been eating it ever since. By no means I am claiming I’ve come up with this on my own, there are about a million recipes out there. In fact, it was kinda of a last minute, impromptu thing – the son and I stood in the baking aisle trying to get some inspiration about what I wanted to make next. He asked me what Almond Bark was, and I reminded him of the Vanilla Cherry Bark I made for Valentine’s Day and explained that the almond bark is another method for making it.

He immediately decided we needed to make some for Halloween and so this was born.

We just wandered through the aisles, choosing this and that, changing our minds, and we finally settled on this recipe.

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Halloween Oreo Candy Corn Bark
Prep time
Cook time
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Easy, fun, festive. Halloween Oreo Candy Corn bark is a favorite around here.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Serves: 8-10
  • 1 24 ounce package of Almond Bark
  • 1 12 ounce package of Wilton Candy Melts, Orange
  • 1½ cups of Oreo Cookies, crushed (with some larger pieces)
  • 1 cup of Reese's Pieces
  • 1 cup of candy corns
  1. Preheat your oven to 150 degrees.
  2. In a baking pan with at least a ½" lip/edge, break up the almond bark into smaller chunks and just kind of place it all around the inside of the pan. There will be lots of space.
  3. Add the Candy Melts in between the almond bark. There is really no right or wrong. We're just melting it.
  4. Pop into the oven for about 10 minutes. Remove and smooth around the inside of the pan. If it's not done yet, just go ahead and smooth out as much as you can, and then pop it back in for another 3-5 minutes or so.
  5. Remove from oven and swirl the white and orange together.
  6. Sprinkle crushed oreos on top.
  7. Add the reese's pieces.
  8. Add the candy corn.
  9. Refrigerate until set, about 2-4 hours.
  10. Use a mallet to break up the candy bark into different size pieces. Enjoy!


Do you enjoy candy bark? What’s your favorite thing to put in it?

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  1. Lori @ Foxes Love Lemons says

    I’d actually never heard of Almond Bark before now, but this recipe looks so great! Simple but impressive, and perfect for a festive Halloween party. Love it!


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