Homemade Fruit Irish Cream Soda

Fruity Creamy Irish Cream Soda Recipe

Homemade Fruit Irish Cream Soda? Yes please!

It has once again turned unseasonably warm and I find myself thirsty constantly. I get tired of water. Fast. So do my kids, to be honest. Wonder where they got that from? On those days, we make up a delicious Creamy Homemade Fruit Irish Cream Soda.

I’ve been making this Irish Cream Soda recipe (no idea how Irish they actually are, but they did come from a friend I met on the Internet in 1998  that is Irish) since my kids were quite little and now they are teenagers and can make this themselves, and they do.

This creamy, delicious drink is one we make often, and we use all kinds of fruits. In fact, I am thinking that almost any fruit would work because the fruit is only for the syrup. Here I am showing you a Homemade Strawberry Cream Soda, Banana Cream Soda, Raspberry Cream Soda and Blueberry Cream Soda, but we have also used peaches, oranges, lemons, limes and blackberries. So yummy!

Oh, and did I happen to mention that they are really easy?

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Homemade Fruit Irish Cream Soda
A refreshing creamy Irish Cream Soda is amazing homemade, and this easy recipe will show you how.
Recipe type: Beverage
Serves: 4-6
  • To Make Homemade Fruit Syrup:
  • 1½ - 2 cups of your fruit
  • ¾ cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • For the Sodas:
  • Homemade Fruit Syrup
  • Club Soda or Carbonated Water
  • Cream (we used half and half)
  1. To Make Homemade Fruit Syrup: In a pan on the stove top on high, add 1 cup of warm water and 1 cup of sugar and stir them together. Add the fruit and bring it to a boil. Boil for about a minute and then turn down to simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Strain the liquid and discard the fruit. Allow the syrup to cool completely before using. Can be stored in the fridge in sealed jar for about 2 weeks.
  2. You now have your homemade fruit syrup which can be added to all kinds of things, but for this we are going to use it for creamy delicious Irish sodas.
  3. For the Sodas: Fill your glass to the top with ice. Pour 4 Tablespoons of the fruit syrup in over the ice. Add the carbonated water or club soda filling it about ¾ full. Now add a splash or more of the cream. To be honest, it goes a long way.
  4. Stir when you're ready to drink and voila!

Delicious, fruity, creamy goodness. I find myself craving these all the time.


I hope your family enjoys these as much as ours does!

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  1. Ellen Thompson says

    I made this with fresh strawberries that are in season in NJ right now. It was so delicious!! Even some of the “picky” kids loved it. Thanks for this great recipe; I can’t wait to try it with blueberries.

  2. says

    @Ellen, I’m so glad you tried it, and that your kiddo’s enjoyed it as well. I have a picky one and she did refuse to try it but the four that did have them, loved them!
    The difference fruit combinations are endless, and that’s what I love about them. Happy Summer!

  3. Cayte says

    I aboslutely love these! Just made some syrup yesterday for the party we are having today – did a taste test about an hour ago, and OMG smooth, creamy, fruity, and cold! Perfect drink for a long game 😀 They also have a gorgeous professional display when put together in wine glasses.

  4. Kendall says

    I know this is old, but pinterest lead me to you! These look delicious, but. Have to ask. Where did you get those bottles? They are adorable

  5. says

    I’ll definitely be making these for my boys’ birthday party this month. They’re turning 1 and 4 this month. Thanks so much for sharing these delicious looking drinks. I like to make gingerale and strawberry soda occasionally, but these creamed versions look double yum!

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