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Strawberry Blueberry Stuffed Monkey Bread

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The one thing I can tell you with great certainty, at least as of late, is that my life is never boring. Not that I ever questioned that or anything, it’s just… well, lately so many nutty things have gone on, that it just seems that sometimes I need my life to be more boring.

Let’s start with the Tornadoes in St. Charles, Missouri on Friday night. Those tornadoes were in my neck of the woods. That neighborhood that was destroyed? 5 minutes from my house. I realized how lucky and blessed we were to wake up Saturday morning, see the damage and know that other than a few small branches in the yard, we were untouched.

Then there was Saturday night. Last night, when you’re reading this. It’s currently 2:30am and the only reason I am still awake is because my first paragraph to this post, was how excited and happy I was to be hosting this week’s SundaySupper. But you see, technically I’m not. Hosting , that is. At least not anymore.

After the tornadoes Friday night, our Family Arena was heavily damaged and my two oldest teenagers graduation was cancelled and then rescheduled for Sunday night, at… the exact time SundaySupper starts. How convenient. So that was the first hurdle we got over. Then I had our questions. I was so out of sorts seeing the damage from the tornado and checking on family, that I didn’t get them posted. So I sent what I had to my awesome friend Melanie, who added the last few and posted them for me Saturday morning.

Then there is a bunch of other stuff that happened, and then we get to why I’m still up at 2:30 in the morning.

Saturday evening, we get a call from the leader of my daughter’s youth corps. that she had gone down in a parade they were doing and that there were tons of paramedics and firefighters trying to work on her. It was an hour and a half after we had left her there. So we had JUST gotten home (in fact we weren’t all the way home yet) and we get the call. Did I happen to mention it was in Illinois? Not in Missouri where I live?

My friend Jen just said, continue home, I’ll call you if it gets worse. They think she’ll be fine. Only she wasn’t fine. About 30 minutes later I get a call that none of her vitals are coming back and they are getting concerned. So they are taking her to a nearby hospital in another town. This was better for me, because driving it only took an hour to get back (not the hour and a half to get to the event), but seriously -that was not supposed to be my Saturday night and she missed out on her event for tomorrow, because like any good mom – I made her come home. She’s fine by the way after a liter of fluids once she did get to the hospital. But the horror stories I heard about her condition BEFORE the hospital make my heart hurt. Anyway, so I’m hosting SundaySupper, but kinda not. Forgive me. It’s almost 3am and I can’t think. But hey, I’m home. And my bed is calling me. And … well, I definitely need sleep at this point.


This recipe came to us one afternoon when we had a plethora of Strawberries from the garden and we’d just picked up several pints of blueberries from a roadside stand (we’re growing blueberries but they aren’t quite ready yet – close.. but not yet). My kids love to make monkey bread and we just combined the idea together with the berries and decided to wrap the berries in there with some cream cheese and well… this was born. It’s ridiculously easy. Honestly. Just time consuming. But oh so worth every berry moment of it at the end. Trust me.

Monkey Bread Stuffed with Mixed Berries

Strawberry Blueberry Stuffed Monkey Bread

Strawberry Blueberry Stuffed Monkey Bread

Yield: 10 -12
Prep Time: 25 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

A twist on the classic monkey bread recipe, this stuffed version is full of sweet summer berry flavor.


  • 3 cans of biscuits
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • zest of two lemons
  • 1 cup of chopped strawberries
  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • 1 8 oz. pkg. of cream cheese
  • berries and whipped cream for decorating, totally optional


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease a bundt cake pan with cooking spray or shortening. Don't forget to grease the tube part too.
  2. In a small bowl, combine the sugar and the lemon zest.
  3. Separate all the biscuits and then cut each biscuit circle in half.
  4. Press about a ½ teaspoon of cream cheese into the center of each of the dough pieces. Add a blueberry or two and a few strawberry pieces.
  5. Fold the biscuit dough over the cream cheese and berries and seal as much as you can around the edges, containing the mixture inside.
  6. Roll each stuffed biscuit piece in the lemon sugar mixture.
  7. Place the sugar coasted pieces into the bundt pan until you've done them all.
  8. We had a little leftover lemon/sugar mixture and just kinda tossed it on top of all the little pieces.
  9. Bake at 350 degrees for about 40-45 minutes or until golden brown. Cool in the pan for only 10 minutes.
  10. To release the cake, run a knife around all the edges including the center of the pan. Gently place a plate up against the pan and turn the cake over onto the pan. We had to shake a couple of times to get it to come completely loose.
  11. Cool another 15 minutes or so before attempting to try some. Its hard, I know.
  12. You can cover and refrigerate any remaining "cake".

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We decided it was sweet enough and so good all on it’s own, we didn’t want to ruin it with any icing or anything so we just left it as is. The slightly lemony flavor of the “cake” and the berry filled insides are just delicious together and we are pleased to tell you, this will be made again and again!

Mixed Berry Stuffed Monkey Bread

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Friday 7th of June 2013

Thank God your kid is safe and your monkey bread is fabulous !!! Thanks for hosting ! Be safe !!

Nicole Cook

Friday 14th of June 2013

Thanks so much Sue!

Lori @ Foxes Love Lemons

Thursday 6th of June 2013

Oh, so sorry about everything that has happened, but so glad you're ok. And still, thanks for hosting :) This monkey bread looks ridiculous good. My little niece would go crazy for it!

Nicole Cook

Friday 14th of June 2013

We are doing so much better Lori, thank you. For all the sweet words...

Cindys Recipes and Writings

Thursday 6th of June 2013

Glad everyone is okay. Thanks for all you do for Sunday Supper in keeping us connected.

Nicole Cook

Friday 14th of June 2013

Cindy, thank you so much!

Jane's Adventures in Dinner

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

So very glad that everything is ok. Seems almost trite to add that your recipe is lovely-but it is. C: Hope this week is much less eventful.

Nicole Cook

Friday 14th of June 2013

lol Jane, thank you for ALL of the sweet words. Our life has settled and we are doing much better! :)

Alice // Hip Foodie Mom

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

Nicole, sorry I am just now getting around to reading everyone's posts. . oh my goodness! I can't believe everything that's happened to you in the past few days! Glad to hear your daughter is ok, your house and family are ok. . take care and I hope you get some much needed REST!

Nicole Cook

Friday 14th of June 2013

And I'm just getting back to commenting, so don't sweat the delay. Thanks for your sweet words... we are all doing much better and we did get that rest and now I'm focused again - a really good thing. Hugs and thank you!

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