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Very excited!! I applied to be the examiner.com St. Louis Frugal Family Examiner after noticing that the previous writer had not published anything since April of last year. I waited for awhile before applying to see if she would post again, but she never did. I took the chance about two weeks ago and went ahead and applied.

After I submitted everything, I learned that examiner had just opened up to Canadian applicants and they had a surge of applications. So, for me, it wasn’t looking promising. I didn’t say a word to anyone about applying (not even family), so I just patiently waited to see what would happen.

Last week I got the email that I was invited to be an examiner writer for the St. Louis Frugal Family section. I cannot tell you how happy I was and am, and how awesome it is to be selected to do it, as I’ve also since learned that many have trouble getting in to write for them. Anyway, my first article is finally published and since this is a residual income kind of site, feel free to click on it and read it, so I can get paid. :) Free Activities

I figured my topic over there is awesome and worth it, since I just began teaching Frugal Living classes again in my area, so this will all connect together nicely. And even if we do move at some point, we are not moving THAT far away, that I would ever not be part of St. Louis, so I’m safe.

My first article was approved after an hour and my site is live. You can see it here.

Please, please stop by and say hi to me over there. I’m the newbie on the block and many of these peeps have been writing for examiner for awhile. I could use the support.

If you write for examiner, are you loving it?

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    Congratulations! I wish you the best and look forward to finding some frugal tips (even though I don’t live in St. Louis, I’m sure the content can be applied to other cities).

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