Roast Beef Roll Ups

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These super easy Roast Beef Rolls Ups, are the perfect afternoon snack, or appetizer for whenever you’re wanting something easy and delicious! 

Roast Beef Roll Ups

We love these quick little treats. We’ve also brought them to tons of events and celebrations. They are just so yummy.

Roast beef Roll Ups are so ridiculously simple, can be changed up any way you want and taste great.

Want to add bacon? Go ahead! Want to add strips of roasted peppers? Yep do that too!

Roast Beef Roll Ups

I don’t know who taught him how to make them, or where he came up with them, but I do know they are delicious. And honestly, I don’t know what he does to them, but they always taste better when he makes them. Maybe they are made with real love each and every time they are made.

Please be sure and check out the other great posts in today’s Father’s Day Celebration!

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Roast Beef Roll Ups

Recipe for Roast Beef Roll Ups

Roast Beef Roll Ups

Roast Beef Roll Ups
These little roll ups are perfect for snacking, or eat 2 or three for a main course. Change ‘em up however you like.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 11 mins
Total Time 16 mins
Course Appetizers, Snacks and Small Bite Recipes
Cuisine American
Servings 4 -8


  • 1 can of crescent rolls 8 ct.
  • 1 lb. deli roast beef
  • 8 sticks of string cheese
  • Condiments and additions of your choice


  • Begin by rolling out the crescent rolls. Lay them flat on a pan, layer the fat end with loads of roast beef.
  • Add spinach or mustard or whatever additional stuff you’d like. The possibilities are pretty endless. (A small slice of bacon works great!)
  • Lay the string cheese on the widest end of the crescent roll and roll forward like you would roll a regular crescent roll, holding it all together so it doesn’t fall out.
  • Place the crescent roll up on baking sheet and bake as directed on the package of crescent rolls.
  • (I think it’s about 375 degrees for about 11-13 minutes)
  • Remove from oven and allow to cool for about 3-5 minutes. Serve piping hot and with some dipping sauces or au jus!
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    1. lol we eat them for breakfast when there are leftovers. They are so ridiculously simple, I feel like I should have done something else, but I did his other meal last Monday for TWC. 🙂 I’m in love with your new blog design. Just sayin’.

    1. Thank you so much Soni! Yes, my kids adore this and now that they are all much older, you’ll find them in the kitchen making it themselves. Don’t tell, but we cheat – we make our own dough, and they love that part. haha

  1. Oh Momma, you just brought big ol tears to my eyes. What a nice story. No wonder why we have so much in common, I didn’t know you lost your dad so young to cancer too. Wow. I was 22, I thought I was young. I’m so sorry, I too had many sad, horrible father’s day after that. Now, I celebrate my husband, FINALLY I smile on Father’s Day now. Amazing how strong us momma’s are huh! Well your dish, fabulous as usual and another I must add to my list!! Enjoy your day!

  2. See Tammi, we were destined to be friends, the universe just made sure it happened. 🙂 I’m sorry for your loss too, and I know you understand how great it is when there is something new to celebrate.
    My dish is so ridiculously simple, I feel like I should have done something more – but these really are hubby’s favorite thing to make and they are just so good.
    I pile veggies into mine too but the kids just like them like this.
    Sending hugs your way today. Enjoy it with your husband!! xoxo

  3. These look great – sometimes, its the simplest dishes that are the best! My brother in law’s mother’s birthday was close to today’s date, too, although I’m not sure the specific day, because used to celebrate her birthday Every.Year. on Father’s day – his Dad passed when he was a small child and it was her attempt at keeping the day special for him and his sister. 🙂

  4. That photo…ohmygod DROOL!

    Also sorry to hear that you lost your dad so early. Thankfully that didn’t happen to me, but I’ve seen it happen to some of my students before and it’s not a nice thing to witness.

    Your husband sounds like a great guy! I always know if it’ll work out with a guy based on how much effort they put in. Some guys will complain about a twenty minute bus ride. My partner now thought nothing of a two hour train ride every weekend when we lived in different cities. Pretty sure he’s the one (touch wood).

    Now to hunt down the ingredients for beef rolls…

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