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You Know You’re a Food Blogger When…

You Know Youre a Food Blogger When

I have been wanting to create a page on my blog for these for a long, long time.

My family jokes about the things that make me a food blogger, as well as what makes them the family of a food blogger. While there are certainly perks to being the family of a food blogger (lots and lots of great food, all their friends are jealous) – there are also several funny, embarrassing parts to it too.

You Know You’re a Food Blogger When…

Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

– When the entire family is standing around with empty plates while mom get’s the “money shot” from every angle.

– When your cabinets hold a wide variety of mismatched plates, cups and bowls… and nobody is allowed to use them.

– When your wide variety of off limits mismatched plates, cups and bowls have taken up two whole kitchen cabinets and have required you to put an extra large tv center into your kitchen to hold the rest. Not that I would know anything about that.

– When you eat out and have a fabulous dish, you begin to dissect it in your mind, so you can recreate it in your own kitchen and then blog about it.

– When you are shopping, everything you see becomes a food prop in your mind.

– You are constantly scanning the side of the road for discarded wood pieces, naturally distressed junk wood. Even when you already have 6 pieces at home.

– When you sit down to eat, your food is cold because the pictures took too long. You eat it anyway or you reheat it and then mention on your blog with the recipe, that it makes great leftovers and reheats well.

– In the late fall and winter months you cook dinner right after breakfast to get the best natural light for your photos.

– In the spring, when daylight savings kicks in, you are like a cooking and baking machine well into the evening, because you finally have longer natural lighting.

– When preparing to leave for a trip, it takes 2 weeks to get ready, because you must prepare and pre-schedule posts ahead of time.

– Family vacations are planned around where the food conferences are being held. Come on, you know you do it. Or at least have thought about it. Come vacation with me

– Nobody is allowed to eat until you get the “perfect shot” because you might need a different piece of.. <insert any food here> because the one you are photographing doesn’t look it’s best.

This will be a constantly growing list! 

Please feel free to add one in the comments below, and I’d be happy to add it to the list with credit and a link back to you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.