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Skinny Chicken Strips – Baked, Not Fried and Freezable!

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It’s Monday! Happy Monday. It’s time for This Weeks Cravings and our theme this week is Freezer Meals. In other words, meals that are made ahead and frozen until you are ready to use. This blog has loads of meals on it that follow this theme, because I used to teach classes on Freezer Cooking. So feel free to check some of those out if you’d like. We make these up ahead of time and the kids love being able to pull them out, zap them for a minute or two and have a delicious lunch. If I’ve made some homemade ranch dressing to dip them in, all the better. The recipe is easy and the kids can do the prep work, if you’re working on other meals to freeze.

Healthier Chicken Strips – Baked, Not Fried and Freezable!

Healthier Chicken Strips – Baked, Not Fried and Freezable!


  • 3-4 lb. Chicken Tenderloins, or you can just cut up chicken breasts
  • 1 container, 32oz. plain yogurt
  • 3 Tbs. minced garlic
  • 3 tsp. black pepper
  • 3 tsp. salt
  • 2 Tbs. seasoning, this is optional, sometimes we add this for flavor - lemon pepper, garlic and herb, taco, etc.
  • 1 8oz. box Panko


  1. In a large bowl, mix the yogurt with the minced garlic, salt, pepper.
  2. In another bowl, mix the panko crumbs with your seasoning of choice (depending on whether you want lemon pepper or taco, etc. or just leave them plain - that's just as yummy).
  3. Now dip each chicken strip into the yogurt mixture and coat it completely. Then roll in the panko and place them not touching on a greased glass dish. (yogurt and aluminum pans don't go well together).
  4. Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Turn halfway through baking (at the ten minute mark). Serve with sauce, aioli, gravy or whatever you'd like.

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Follow the directions all the way up to the baking part. Now it’s time to Flash Freeze. Place them on a dish and put them in the freezer for about an hour to an hour and  a half. When frozen enough to not be “squishy” (as my kids say) remove them from the freezer and pop them into a freezer safe freezer bag.

When you’re ready to use them, preheat oven to 350, set the frozen chicken tenderloins on a baking dish and cook them for about 30-40 minutes, flipping halfway.

These can also be cooked first (which is how we normally do it for its super quick cooking.

If you want to cook them first, just follow all instructions. Remove from oven and then flash freeze in the freezer adding about 20 minutes onto the freezing time. Now pop them into a plastic freezer bag and they can be removed individually and popped in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Yum!

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