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Our Top 10 Favorite Main Dish Recipes of 2013

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Last week I shared the Top 36 Recipes of 2013 chosen by you the readers. That was a collective look at the most popular recipes that you all loved, based on traffic, comments and more.

This week I am going to share our families top 10 favorites from different categories from this year. I love doing these types of posts, because it allows you to see what you might have missed and it always gets us kicked into gear to make some yummy things again.

These are the main dish recipes the kids ask me to make over and over again. For the record, feeding 5 hungry teenagers and a toddler is not an easy feat.  So when we find a collective group favorite, we go with it. Again and again. I allowed my teenagers to pick their top 20 favorites and then we narrowed it down by a vote. These are the winners in no particular order.

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Our Top 10 Favorite Main Dish Recipes of 2013

10. Fish Taco’s with Baja Cream Sauce

These were a huge hit in our house. We’ve made them both with batter fried fish and no batter fish. We’ve tried them with salmon, bass, tilapia and far more. They are just good no matter what. The Baja Cream Sauce is the best part of them!

Fish Tacos with Baja Cream Sauce

9. Chicken Con Queso Burritos (Crock-Pot)

This fun recipe was for Cinco De Mayo but we make it all the time. It’s an easy slow cooker recipe you just set up in the morning and you’re eating wonderful burritos in the evening with very little work at all. Can’t beat that!

Chicken Con Queso Burritos

8. Homemade French Onion Soup with Homemade Croutons

I was surprised that this actually made the list. We’ve made it a handful of times and the kids have enjoyed it every time but I didn’t think that it would make the top 10. It’s wonderfully smooth, just the right amount of onion, topped with melted cheese and delicious Homemade Garlic Croutons.

Homemade French Onion Soup

7. Skinny Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

Another super simple dinner, made skinnier with a few modifications from the original. Full of delicious flavor, the skinnier version is better taste wise, hands down. An absolute favorite around here.

Skinny Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

6. Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

This was a hit from the first time we made it. It was for a progressive dinner I was doing online and we made it back in July. We’ve made it several more times since and the kids love it. I was worried they wouldn’t because of the stronger Gorgonzola flavor but they actually loved it and they always help themselves to tons of sauce.

Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

5. Butternut Squash-Sage Cream Sauce Spaghetti & Sausage

The flavor combination in this dish is unbeatable. Your taste buds will thank you, and my kids chose this one unanimously.


4. Garlic Tomato Butter Chicken

My kids love the color of this meal, and it tastes great too. It’s great for a quick weeknight meal and it’s such an easy meal!

Garlic Tomato Butter Chicken

3. Guacamole Avocado Pasta

Nothing like combining the fantastic flavor of Guacamole with some pasta or rice, to make a delicious, hearty meal. We are addicted to avocados!

Guacamole Avocado Pasta

3.  Garlic and Roasted Bell Pepper Farfalle

Roasted Bell Peppers add flavor and crunch to this delicious creamy pasta. And easy weeknight meal, or elegant dish to serve to guests! My kids love this one.

Garlic and Roasted Belle Pepper Farfalle

2. Baked Ziti with Meatballs

I wasn’t going to include this one, but the kids insisted it is one of their favorite meals. Of all time. I guess that’s a compliment, though I can assure you there is nothing to it and it’s super simple. But it’s definitely tasty!

Baked Ziti and Meatballs

1. Meyer Lemon-Garlic Shrimp & Asparagus with Brown Rice 

I was so excited to see my kids add this one to their list of favorites. This dish turned out absolutely delicious and since a few don’t love shrimp, I substituted some seasoned chicken in theirs and it was just as yummy.

Meyer Lemon Garlic Shrimp & Asparagus with Brown Rice

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Tuesday 21st of January 2014

Skinny Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta sounds so good. I have to pin that right now so I will remember to make it soon.


Tuesday 14th of January 2014

All nice recipes. Thank you and have a great Tuesday.


Thursday 9th of January 2014

The Baked Ziti with Meatballs is my kid's favourite All these are just so yummy

Nicole Cook

Thursday 9th of January 2014

Thank you Laurie, yeah I mean you can't really pass on the Baked Ziti with Meatballs. lol

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