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How to Grow Your Coffee Mug Collection

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how to grow your mug collection

This post was written by me through an activation with HireInfluence on behalf of Community Coffee. Although I received compensation for participating in the campaign, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am a coffee drinker. Like all day, every day. And as such, over the years I have acquired a coffee mug collection that continues to grow year after year.  Face it, every coffee lover needs a great collection of mugs from which to drink out morning liquid life. Obviously over time, you wind up with a collection you might not know you started. But once you notice, you might decide you want to keep to grow your mug collection

So how do you know if a mug is collectible? Well, does it matter? It should be a personal choice. My favorite mugs aren’t worth any money but make me smile when I see them.  While I have aquired mugs from all kinds of places and people, I continue to seek out new mugs to add to my collection and I’m not picky as long as I love the mug. Here are a few tips on how to grow your collection.

Souvenirs and Gift Shops

When you are traveling or visiting a special location, and you want to bring home a souvenir – bring home a new mug commemorating your trip or vacation to that spot. I have a handful of different Missouri mugs or local St. Louis mugs, but one of my very favorite mugs to drink from is a mug my daughter brought me from Wyoming, where she was living at the time.

Wyoming Coffee Mug

Thrift Stores

Probably haven’t thought of this one much? My son works at a thrift store and keeps his eye out for mugs I might like. Sometimes he buys them and stashes them away until the “right moment” or holiday. Sometimes he gets so excited he can’t wait to send me a photo of one and ask me if I want it. The thrift store is literally just across the street from our house. So I stop in once or twice a month and peruse the mugs (among the other amazing deals) and usually come home with at least one or two. Just be sure to clean them well if you plan to use them. Check to be sure they are dishwasher and/or microwave safe depending on your needs. Not all mugs are created equally.

This mug is probably another of my favorites that my daughter bought me. So cute!How to grow your coffee mug collection

Holiday’s and Special Events

How to Grow Your Coffee Mug Collection

At holiday time it’s easy to find fun and festive coffee mugs anywhere from the dollar store to department stores. Special events like marathons, festivals and fairs and other such events often have commemorative mugs for these events and can be easy to acquire, sometimes for free. The Christmas mug above is my newest addition to my collection and I have enjoyed several cups of Community Coffee Holiday Jazz in the quiet of my home, early in the morning trying to chase the chill from the air. The one below is another newer favorite of mine that I got for mere pennies on discount after Halloween. Though I don’t know why, because this mug is definitely not very Halloween.How to Grow Your Coffee Mug Collection

Gift Sets

How to Grow Your Coffee Mug Collection

At holiday time, many companies will put together gift sets in which you can buy and give as gifts. Community Coffee has an awesome gift set this year that includes a travel mug that is adorable! I may enjoy my regular coffee mugs, but a cute travel coffee mug (or ten) is a MUST!

How to Grow Your Coffee Mug Collection

How to Grow Your Coffee Mug Collection

There are dozens of great places to get cheap coffee mugs to add to your collection, including garage sales, friends & family, estate sales, craigslist, buy/sell/trade sites and more!

Where is your favorite mug from?

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For you to win a year’s supply of Community Coffee and other coffee goodies, all you have to do is simply show me your favorite mug on instagram and tag it #ShowYourMug and #contest. You will be entered to win! Good luck!

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jade sara

Friday 7th of December 2018

Very nice mug collections from Community Coffee. Really I want to win a year’s supply of community coffee. Thanks to Nicole Cook for the suggestion.

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