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Fourth of July Lollipops – Quick and Easy – Jolly Rancher

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Updated with newer better photos, these Fourth of July Lollipops are Quick and Easy – made with Jolly Rancher candies!

Looking for super easy, fun Fourth of July Lollipops. They are Quick and Easy made with Jolly Rancher candies!

Fourth of July Lollipops

Fourth of July Lollipops – Quick and Easy – Jolly Rancher

I just love these easy Fourth of July Lollipops.

They are quick and easy – made with Jolly Ranchers! 

My kids got into my preschool stash back at Christmas time and discovered all kinds of fun crafts and decided to make these.

Then we thought my blog needed a version for the Fourth of July. Because who doesn’t love Fourth of July Lollipops.

We have a fun Christmas version, but as you can see, you can change them up yourself for any holiday. 

I think that’s what makes these so fun and they are SO great for gifts.

Of course you can use different colors or flavor combinations.

They are really easy and fun for any age (trust me, mine are all pre-teens and teenagers and they still had a blast!) and taste great!

So if you’re looking for something to do on a snow day, or as a rainy day activity, this is something that is super easy and fun for all.

Plus they can be eaten afterwards which makes them so much fun.

They are also perfect to give to neighbors, friends and family from your small fries. Who doesn’t love a  homemade handmade gift?

Let me know what your favorite flavor combinations are, or what colors you like!

Easy Fourth of July Lollipops – Quick and Easy – Jolly Rancher

Happy Fourth of July!

Fourth of July Lollipops – Quick & Easy – Jolly Rancher

Looking for super easy, fun Fourth of July Lollipops. They are Quick and Easy made with Jolly Rancher candies!
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Candy and Treats
Cuisine American
Servings 6 -8



  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
  • Cover a cookie sheet with tinfoil and then add a layer or parchment paper. I prefer cooking with the piece of parchment paper on top because when the candies cool, they are VERY easy to remove.
  • Unwrap your jolly rancher candies and line them up on a cookie sheet. Mix and match colors. I tried to stick to three candies per lollipop because any bigger and the lollipop is un-sturdy and difficult to get the stick into.
  • When you are lining them up on the sheet, make sure there is plenty of space between each “lollipop” both on the sides AND the bottom to place the stick. Layer a red candy, a blue candy and then a red candy. Do it again the opposite way. Only use 2 candies – one red, one blue. See you can have lots of fun.
  • Once you have created your combinations, carefully place the cookie sheet in the oven trying not to disrupt the candies touching each other (if anything shifts, fix it as soon as possible)
  • Bake at 200 degrees for about 5-7 minutes. Here’s the thing. You cannot walk away. You need to start watching about 3 minutes in and keep watching until you see them melted. Remove them from the oven just as soon as you see them melted. I mean, immediately. Otherwise they melt too much (trust me) and you can’t do anything with them because they run into all the other ones and make a big candy mess.
  • As soon as you remove them from the oven, work quickly to add the lollipop sticks to each set of candies you have melted. Roll the stick to make sure it gets coated on all sides and stays secure. These candies cool quickly, especially in the winter months, so work fast.
  • Allow them to cool about 20 minutes on the pan.
  • As soon as they are cool, they should remove easily from the pan and can be eaten immediately or wrapped and given as gifts.
  • Enjoy!
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    1. Ooops thank you for catching that Olivia. It was supposed to be BLUE. This was originally written for my Christmas Lollipops (thus the green and red) haha It’s been fixed!

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