You’re Invited to a Holiday Progressive Dinner Blog Hop Series!

Holiday Progressive Dinner Blog Hop Series Magazine Covershot

We’ve been planning this for a long time. Since the summer, July to be exact. And finally the time has arived!

The excitement level has risen, we are finally here and you are invited.

Invited to what?

Invited to our Progressive Dinner beginning Friday, October 25, 2013 and running every Friday until December 13, 2013. Each week myself and four other amazing, talented food bloggers will be sharing recipes with you for a complete holiday meal.

You can plan to see these posts for a full seven weeks, ever Friday without fail. (We will be taking Thanksgiving off to spend with our families and friends),

The five of us will be bringing your wonderful recipes to help get you ready and put you in the mood for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday festivities.

From Appetizers and Soups, Salads, Vegetable Dishes, Side Dishes, Main dishes, all the way to the Dessert, we’ve got 7 weeks of holiday menus and an extraordinary giveaway every single week. We’ll also be bringing you great ideas for potlucks with family and friends, and of course gifts from the kitchen too.

It’s a Holiday Progressive Dinner Blog Hop Series and *YOU* are invited!

The wonderful hosts of this amazing event are: Our fearless leader, Glenda Embree from Busy-at-Home who is the creative genius behind this whole thing. Then there’s Arlene Mobley from Flour on My Face, Andrea Kruse from Adventures in All Things Food, Tonia Larson from The Gunny Sack and of course, me, Nicole Cook from Daily Dish Recipes.

There are seven fine sponsors who have also joined us to share their high-quality kitchen and dining products with you in incredibly amazing giveaways, each and every week of the entire event. You will follow one blog to the next, to collect a complete meal for a full holiday menu. In addition, you can check out our sponsors product, and hopefully join the giveaway EACH week to have the chance to win your own product from our chosen weekly sponsor.

After 7 weeks, you will have 5 FULL holiday menus, with 25 recipe tutorials to make them in your own kitchen, an additional 10 more recipes for holiday potlucks and gifts from the kitchen, and had the opportunity to check out (and hopefully WIN) 7 of the best, high quality kitchen and dining products for your holidays!

We have created a beautiful, full color ezine, just for you as an invitation and a teaser to what you can expect during our Holiday Progressive Dinner Blog Hop series.

I don’t think I can even tell you how excited I am for this event, how excited I am to see my co-hosts recipes and to just have a GREAT time every Friday with all of you, sharing holiday recipes, stories and more.

Do you create a full holiday menu? Do you do potlucks or bring a dish? Do you stick to the same tried and true recipes each year, or do you try to mix it up and try new things? Tell me in the comments below.

Also, to open the ezine just click the button that says, “Click to Read”. The magazine will open full-screen and you will be able to flip through all 11 pages of gorgeous food and exciting giveaway news!

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