You Found What at the Grocery Store? {MM #3}

In lieu of a recipe for Munchie Monday, I instead give you this hilarious story!

You Found WHAT at the Grocery Store?

Part One of a Series of Unfortunate Events at the Grocery Store

Juanita’s Cocina
My friend Jen inspired me to share a few grocery store crazy people stories. She shared a “Saturday Sale” story that had me rolling from the opening line. Only Jen, who lives in a small town, would come across a Saturday Sale that mirrored the Black Friday sales but in the dairy department of her local grocery store. If you haven’t read it, you should. Right now. I’ll wait. (It has an amazing recipe with it!)

Now to tell you about one of my odd Grocery Store moments. I have a lot. My son now works in the meat department of a grocery store a few miles from our house. So he comes home and shares all kinds of strange, odd and funny stories with us. Our rides back home are usually filled with wide open mouths or extreme laughter. I’ll be sharing those too. Mostly because they are about food, and groceries and they just fit. Plus they are funny and you will laugh. Either that or you’ll think I live in a strange town. Maybe I do. Check back tomorrow for part two of a Series of Unfortunate Events at the Grocery Store.

So last week I was picking my son up from work. When I got there, he informed me he had to stay an extra half hour (you know with all the holiday shopping going on), so I decided to pick up a few things while I was there for Thanksgiving breakfast.

I quickly decided on Pumpkin Pie Donuts (posting my amazing version tomorrow morning!) and so I pushed my cart through the center aisle and was headed towards the canned pumpkin until I passed the 2nd aisle. I had to do a double take. In fact, I actually had to back up and look again, because surely I had not just seen what I thought I had just seen.

Fox at the Grocery Store

This is the exact costume our fox was wearing…

There, standing in aisle 2, picking a box of stuffing off the shelf was a fox. Yes, a fox. No, not a real one. But an individual, I’m assuming of the male gender but maybe not, dressed from head to toe in a fox costume. I’m talking the kind like a mascot wears with the huge heads and the big feet and the furriness. Yeah. That was in aisle 2. I had to think about it for a moment. I’m used to seeing weird at Walmart. But I wasn’t at Walmart. I was at our regular old, local grocery store in a fairly well to do area and was seeing a fox getting groceries.

I honestly stood there staring for a moment. I know it was probably rude. I even thought  about taking out my cell phone because nobody was going to believe me plus I really wanted a photo. But alas, I couldn’t do it. But I did find this picture, which looks exactly like the fox.

I went to find my son, but he was nowhere in sight, so I just continued grabbing groceries. I couldn’t stop thinking about the strange fox in aisle two. I swear if I had been medicated, I’d have assumed I was hallucinating, but really – he was there.

When my son finally got off work, I was just grabbing a box of eggs – the last item I needed  and we headed towards the checkout as I relayed the strangeness I found in aisle 2, to my son and Shawn, his co-worker. I’m pretty sure Shawn thought Ryan’s mom was nuts. I was beginning to think I was nuts as I was explaining to them what I saw shopping for stuffing.

As we rounded the corner, both Ryan & Shawn stopped in their tracks. There in front of us, was the fox. He was now checking out. The best part was, nobody seemed to notice. I mean, seriously – or they just didn’t care. I think most of the people there were just in a hurry to get back home. But regardless, there was a fox checking out with his stuffing and two people I know saw it with me. I know I’m not crazy.

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen anyone wear while shopping?

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  1. says

    If I came home and told the wife I’d seen a “fox” at the grocery store, she’d think I meant…like…Denzel or something. Not an actual fox! LOL!

    Hmmmm…the strangest thing at the grocery store? I honestly can’t think of anything better than a fox!

  2. says

    When I was about 2 1/2 or 3, we lived in this ridiculously small town with just an IGA grocery store. So one day my mom takes me with her to the store, and as we are approaching the bread aisle, what should come around the corner but a full grown man dressed as a piece of bread (apparently it was a promotion for some sort of new kid’s wonder bread). Now, to fully appreciate this, you must know two things: 1.) The man’s face was in the middle of the bread costume, so this was a GIANT piece of bread. 2.) I was (and still am) deathly afraid of people dressed in weird mascot-like costumes.
    So, as you can imagine, I completely freaked out at this giant man-bread waving at me. My mom had to leave everything and get me out of there. I was a good 6 months before she got me to go back with her, and when we did, what would we walk in to see but a mechanical gorilla next to the bananas. I think my mom aged quite a bit that year…

  3. Evel says

    One day when I was about 10 – I was dressed as a clown for school spirit days- wig/shoes/outfit -I was doing all the grocery shopping at the military base for my family. My mother wasn’t able to go in because she did not have a military.
    So here I was 10, very petite, 65 pounds 4 foot 6. People just stopped and stared at the midget clown grocery shopping on a military base. I bet hey never forgot! Specially since I kept asking the officers to get things off he top shelves for me :-)

  4. says

    I totally would’ve taken the pic … although I would’ve tried to do it stealthily so the fox-man wouldn’t see me. On the other hand, a grown person is walking around in a giant fox mascot costume – he probably doesn’t care if you take his photo! Hilarious!

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