When Writing Keeps You Busier Than You Expected

This is the first evening I’ve had time to sit down and write in forever. Well, not true. I’ve been writing daily and nightly for several days, but this is the first “free” writing I’ve had.

How do you keep your priorities straight?

Organization. I’ve had several projects that came up at once, and in addition trying to keep up with my ongoing monthly projects. Without organization, I don’t know where I’d be.

The beginning of the month is always the busiest for me. Part of it is because I am a daily article writer on two sites, plus with my blogs and several side projects, everything comes due towards the start of each month.

With the addition of an upcoming additional freelance writing gig, in which I will be writing 20 articles a month for, I’m just about done in. But not completely.

I took a week off, and during that week I missed writing so much that I wound up writing eight articles just for fun. They were just topics I was itching to write about, but they just flowed so easily. A couple will wind up at Associated Content, and a few will wind up on Constant Content.

So, I mentioned the word ‘organized’.

You are probably thinking “But I’m not organized, I don’t even know how to be organized”.

My method will not work for everyone. My method requires using a 5 subject notebook and keeping it divided for my continuing projects as well as my freelance gigs that come up several times a month.

However, I met a writer recently, who shared her tricks of the trade. She is still getting her feet wet, with the whole freelance writing thing, and so she considers herself a beginner.

Bonnie told me that she uses a calendar to keep organized. Tell me more I begged from her, because I could not imagine how a calendar was supposed to keep me organized.

She has a small pocket calendar. She jots down the date the article is due and then goes back two weeks and puts a notification message in that date. She lists what the article is supposed to be on, and even divides her research between days, and I noticed she even made notes in the margine. Hmm…I  thought. Not entirely different from my notebook method, all I’m lacking is the dates.

So there you have it, two interesting methods to stay organized. The problem? As a writer, your creativity will take control. You will need to be prepared to adjust and remedy your goals whenever possible.

Other ideas I’ve heard:

Using a software program that allows you to put the information into the database and then notifies you upon start up when an article is due, or when an article should be started.

Spreadsheets work well for many writer’s who can organize in columns and print the information they need.

I’d love to hear how you stay organized with your writing assignments and freelance writing jobs. I have more to say on this topic but will save it for another day. I’m tired, and it’s late and I feel the need to suddenly crash.

The ideas have finally stopped swimming in my head for the night. G’nite.

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