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I thought it would be fun, since Christmas is SOOOOO close to focus on holiday decorations and using what you have, saving money, etc. Beginning last week, and ending around Christmas, we will focus all our attention on holiday related tips! So enjoy!! We’ll go back to everyday frugality after the holidays!

So onward we go!

Its that time already! Christmas is in full swing with the hurry-scurry, Christmas carols, wrapping paper, and pine needles on the carpet. It can be exciting and invigorating; it can also be exhausting! So how can I decorate for less you ask?

Day 1 – My first tip is use what you have. Before you dash out to the craft store or trim-a-tree shop, pay a visit to the attic or storage room. Memories fade from year to year, so refresh yours with a quick inventory of the holiday decorations you already have on hand. Keep them firmly in mind as you read Christmas magazines or check out the Festival of Trees displays. Can you update your decor with a few simple additions? I’m sure you can!

After you figure out what you have and how you can use it, you can begin to implement it. A tip for you, run out to Lowes, or Home depot – ask if you can buy up their wood scraps, various sizes is good. Bring them home and wrap the wood pieces, Tie ribbons, etc. Use scraps of wrapping paper from last year. Or pick new wrapping paper in colors you like! These can be used, year after year, if stored properly together. And they can be displayed all through the house – a few on the mantle, some on the coffee table, a larger one on the Christmas table, and perhaps a few clustered together near the front door in a corner? I can think of all sorts of places that you could place these inexpensive, but festive little decorations. So run! Don’t walk! To ANY home improvement store! Now! (you can find replacement squares – use empty jello boxes, macaroni boxes, spagetti boxes, and so on for diff. sizes and shapes. You might want to fill the boxes with some crumpled newspaper to weigh them down a little). Have fun!

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