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losing weight foodAlright, I’m asking for a little patience with this blog. I have not given up, I am a foodie tried and true. But I am definitely on the war path to healthier eating and losing some weight. For the past couple of weeks I have been working on calorie counting and limiting how much sugar and fat and carbs I consume, and I have lost 5lbs so far.

With that said, our family eating habits need to change a bit to accommodate my dieting and incorporate healthier meals in our household. My son is joining me on this weight loss adventure which has been interesting and awesome. We both needed it.

We also got word that my husband has prediabetes. To learn more you can here. So now there are even more changes that I need to make.
In the past few weeks, I’ve had to learn a lot and our lives are changing in the course of that.

My blog is not going to change by that much though. I’m still going to share the yummy tried and true recipes that I have always shared, but I’m going to also be sharing a lot of low-carb and low fat meals, and diabetic exclusive recipes – both of which will be marked as such. You might be surprised. Our doctor gave us a huge packet of recipes and I am really excited to try some of them. They sound delicious and you would have no idea they were made for low-carb or diabetics. LOL

I’m also learning to modify recipes, I didn’t realize I’d sort of been doing that all along. I tend to change every recipe I ever get in some way, so I guess its not that bad.

Eating healthy is so important and in the past two weeks I have learned that if you want to truly lose weight and live healthier you can’t just calorie count and portion control – you have to actually make it a lifestyle change, watch what you put in your mouth and learn what works for your body.

I’ll be back with all new recipes in the next day or so.

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