The Truth About Blueberries

Most people know that Blueberries are a very healthy food, full of anti-oxidants and many more surprisingly good for you vitamins – Blueberries have been listed at the top of the best foods for you list consistently. It should probably come as no surprise that food manufacturers are trying to score points with the consumer and provide products that boast added blueberries. But did you know that when you are purchasing blueberry muffins, cereals with blueberries, bagels and pancakes there might not be any Blueberries at all. And if there are, you might be surprised at how very little. Don’t take my word for it, check out this video from Natural News TV (hope you haven’t had breakfast yet!!)

Fake Blueberries

Time to bake from scratch, don’t ya think?

Gross! Thoughts?

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