Top 5 Reasons Why I Am a Great Mother

Ok, I had to do this too. It was a challenge on someone elses blog I came across and thought it was funny. However, it’s all true – so buckle up and please don’t be angry because I did it. I thought it might bring a chuckle from some other mom’s!

Top 5 reasons why I am a great mother :

5. I let my children know every day how much I love them, and provide lots of hugs and cuddling time.
4. I am patient with them, and I am supportive of them, but I don’t force them to continue with something just because they “signed up”.
3. I read the same books, over and over, even though I’m tired of them. I also listen to long drawn out stories that might have only taken an adult 10 seconds to tell, but in actuality took about 10 minutes. LOL
2. I will provide for and protect them at ALL costs.
1. As they get older they will always know that NO MATTER WHAT, they can always come to me.

Top 5 reasons why someone may call CPS on me:

5. My son’s first novelty t-shirt was from a trip to Hooters. (yes at only 3 months old!)
4. I’ve let them watch PG-13 and R rated movies and guess what *gasp* they aren’t even 13 yet!!
3. I let them watch people play “fighting” video games (they just aren’t allowed to play them yet!)
2. I let them watch as much TV as they want.
1. I don’t restrict their sugar intake in a day – yep that means if they ask for 3 cookies, and then immediately ask for some candy, they usually get it. (aren’t I horrible?!?!) :-)

Take care – until next time!! See ya here!

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