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After browsing around for a least an hour and getting a good idea of the types of forwards people receive on a daily basis, there is not a list created to show off the top 10. In fact, I was looking more for those types that say “please send to at least 7 friends or you will have bad luck forever” because typically those are sweet emails with a poem or story or the like. I get them all the time. My family is the worst about it. (yes mother – that’s you!) LOL
Anyway, so I hopped on over to which has always been an entertaining site and checked out what they said. They have a list of the 25 top urban legends and some of them I’ve seen a lot. Mixed into that list are several email “scams” of sorts so I am going to compile that list instead. So the top 10 email forwards that are scam related are as follows:

  1. The Microsoft/AOL Giveaway – Yes, I’ve seen this one – this is the one that tells me I need to forward the email to as many people as possible and microsoft will track that for me. And then for each of those people I forwarded it to I’m going to get $245/person – and then the list goes on and on about the different amounts of money. Now in fairness, when *I* received the email, I do not remember it only being $245 – I thought it was $2,000 or more. I honestly think anyone who falls for that is ridiculous!
  2. Simple Tests For Diagnosing Strokes – Ok, I’ve never seen this one before. At least not unless it’s automatically been spam-busted by my email program. Apparently this one claims that by administering three simple tests, you will help diagnose a stroke, and pricking a stroke victim’s fingers will prevent further harm from the cerebral attack. Well, first of all, half of the email is true, as my paramedic friend can confirm – however pricking a victims finger will NOT prevent further harm. I certainly hope nobody believes that!
  3. Osama Bin Laden Virus – I’ve seen variations of this, but not the one’s listed. This one sends an email claiming to have video and pictures of osama’s “suicide”- when you click on it – a virus is downloaded to your computer. The Backdoor.Hacarmy.D trojan horse.
  4. Dialing a code on a cell phone saved a woman’s life – the email claims that a woman being “pulled over” dialed #77 on her cell phone and saved her life because indeed the man pulling her over was NOT the police! Yes, I have received this email as well, with variations too! Different codes, different scenario’s, etc.
  5. CarJackers Put Flyers on the Rear Window – I’ve seen this one in all it’s glory as well – the situation is that supposedly car jackers put flyers on the rear window. When you get in to drive away and notice it, you get out and get it and the car jacker grabs the car at that moment and takes off. I remember reading it and thinking, well it probably has happened once. I doubt if it’s an “epidemic” however.
  6. The Applebee’s Gift Certificate Email – yep – got this one about a dozen times in one week. Sadly from some VERY intelligent individuals. The idea of the email is that Applebee’s restaurants are giving away $50 gift certificates to customers who forward an e-mail message. Guess what? They aren’t!
  7. Do you visit Illegal websites – FBI and CIA are “apparently” sending emails telling you that you are under investigation for visiting illegal website. Guess what? You’re not – you’re actually being sent a wonderful email that contains the Sober.X Virus. Isn’t that just grand?
  8. Swiffer Wet Jet Email – Ha! As a pet owner, many caring friends have sent me this email. It claims the Swiffer WetJet poses a general danger to dogs and other household pets. Obviously it was false and I still happily use my swiffer wet jet (I need to get some more fluid!) LOL
  9. Petition to Ban Religious Broadcasting – Dr. Dobson is at it again – this time he’s pleading for our action because Atheists are petitioning the FCC to get religious broadcasting banned from American airwaves. Can you imagine? Using Dr. Dobson’s name was great, however this is NOT true.
  10. Cell Phone Directory Email – yep seen it at least a half dozen times. Now my cell phone number is going to be published in this huge directory – right? WRONG! This is illegal and is not in the works. Not to mention – can you imagine how difficult that would be with people changing numbers all the time, etc.

Well, that has to be a record folks. I’ve only not seen ONE of the top 10 emails. So they must be true. Now if I could just find a list with the true forwards, the cute poems, the little picture emails, etc. I’d love to post those!

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