Thirteen Perfect Gifts for Writers

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about gift giving, present buying and major shopping excursions to find the writer on your list an amazingly perfect goody to help them in their quest for the perfect words.

I’ve been asked a dozen times what I want for Christmas. So here’s a great Christmas list for writer’s. (No, it’s not what I want…well maybe an item or two).

1. Alphasmart – This gift is really only practical for any writer that does not already own a laptop. It is a small word processor that looks a lot like an over-sized calculator. I don’t recommend buying it new since it is rather costly and for a couple hundred more you can own a great laptop, but we bought my step-daughter one for her birthday so she could finish up NaNo on it, and it cost $70 shipped. We got it on ebay. Just do a search and find what you need.

2. Notebooks, Office Supplies – There is not one writer I know that doesn’t need these things. I jot down ideas wherever I am, and I tend to always have small notebook with me and a couple of good writing pens.

3. Subscription to a Writing magazine. Writer’s Digest is an excellent resource. I’ve had my subscription for three years and I used to buy them off the shelf before that.

4. Writing Books. Anything that will help the writer, write better. I just ordered Writer Mama, and am anxious to receive it. Christina Katz is awesome, so if you have a chance, pick that up for the writer in your life. I gifted myself for a job well done during NaNo, but it makes a great Christmas gift for the writer on your list.

5. Books. Books to read. Every good author knows that in order to write a decent book in the genre you choose it is imperative to read lots of already published books in that genre. I don’t know one writer who wouldn’t love to get books as a gift.

6. The Renegade Writer writing course, would make an excellent gift. They have several and the recipient can do it all online and after the New Year. They are pricey, but they are worth it.

7. Pens – A good writing pen is often difficult to find. A writer needs one that flows easily and writes quickly as they try to jot down their ideas as fast as their hands will write.

8. Desktop Organizers – Having a place to store all your accessories, even if you write using a laptop is beneficial in the whole writing process. Have you ever been unable to use your laptop at the moment, just want to write something down real quick and been unable to find a pen or piece of paper to write it on? Desk accessories can help this a lot. Especially if you dream of being published because you need a lot of organization to keep that all on track. I love this for its portability, this even if you don’t use it for your printer, one of these to store all those backup CD’s of your hard work, a couple of these for stashing pens, pencils and other office accessories plus they look great, and this because I think it would be handy to have on your desk holding paper, a manuscript or two or other items.

9. A Printer and/or Ink Cartridges – This is a must for those that are serious about their writing and desire to be published. Most companies to not accept email submissions, and you still must print out your manuscript to mail. This is really one of those must have items.

10. Bookshelves and Magazine Racks – The writer typically has a nice collection of resource books and magazines. These would make organization so much easier. Try this for a magazine rack. It’s fairly inexpensive and looks fabulous!

11. Laptop Case – Of course only practical if your writer has a laptop. I have a really cute one that I got at an office supply store last year. It is the perfect size, black with pink lining and its easy to tote around with me. Plus I can fit magazines, notebooks, pens and even a wallet inside with absolutely no cramming and loads of room leftover.

12. Coffee, Tea, Mugs and More – Put together a coffee or tea gift basket for the writer in your life. Include specialty teas or coffees, mugs, flavored creamers (helps if you know your writer’s favorite flavor) and even some snacks to enjoy with the drinks.

13. Gift Certificates or Gift Cards – It wouldn’t probably matter much where you got them for. I do however recommend a book store or office supply store. This way they can get what they want. is a great place because most of us don’t mind getting used books. It just means we can buy more! Oh, and Starbucks works well too!

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