The Weather is Wonderful

I have to laugh everytime I hear the quote “The Weather Is Wonderful.” There is a story behind that. Several years ago, my children and I were eating at a chinese restaurant that we used to frequent. My son had a hard day at school that day, and the weather was awful. In fact, it was raining with no signs of letting up. He popped open his fortune cookie and was greeted by:

“The Weather Is Wonderful”

Uhm, okay. First, no it was not. Second, what kind of fortune is that? I could write better fortunes than that! In fact, my son could write better fortunes than that. The best part is, that now when things are going bad, or someone is having a bad day, someone says “The Weather Is Wonderful” and everyone begins laughing as we recall that day. I guess that is a scrapbook  moment. One of those moments that belongs in an album, on a layout, explaining as only a scrapbooker can, why “The Weather Is Wonderful” and why that makes us laugh. Scrapbooking is a creative outlet for me, so I plan to scrapbook it soon.

In the meantime, why did I title a post like that?

Because indeed, the weather is wonderful….er…well maybe not. In fact, as I type this, we are having a lovely ice storm. In fact, I can hear it hitting our sky lights over and over again. And within the next hour it should start snowing, and snowing hard from what the weather is calling for. Apparently we are looking for “thunder bursts”. Wow! I haven’t seen one of those since childhood. What the heck is a thunder burst? Well in snowy weather laymens terms, it’s when you hear thunder during a snow storm and within moments, the sky opens up and can drop several inches at a time. It’s actually amazing and doesn’t happen very often in Missouri. So this should be a glorious storm. I can hardly wait!

Oh and the kids are off school. Yep, all five kiddo’s are home with me all day. Think I’ll get much writing done? Doubtful. In fact, from what I can tell, every single school in the area is OFF today, with the exception of a few dingy schools with stupid things written after them. Four schools are actually listed as being on a “snow schedule” on our news website. huh? Wouldn’t it make more sense to actually send them all home or keep them all home rather than have them come in late? Geez.

Then there are the few idiots that didn’t call school off, which are all listed as “dismiss at” with various times listed after them. And then my other favorites “staff only”, and “no busses”. It is a rare site to see this many schools listed as off. Very rarely does the entire area get teh same type of snow and ice to call school off. Most of the time, certain area’s get hit harder than others, and there are several dozens listed on a typical snow day. But not today, nope, today there are over one hundred schools and districts listed as CLOSED. This should be an interesting snow storm to say the very least. For our area alone they are predicting 5″-10″ of snow in the next few hours.

Well, I guess I am in for the day. Hope the guy I grabbed a freecycle item from understands I will not be coming to get it today. LOL And hopefully he is smart enough to bring it inside.

YAY snow!

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