The Only Thing I Hate About Writing…

writing_frustrationHonestly I was born to write. When I’m not writing, I feel the constant need, the constant creative thoughts flowing through me. I feel compelled to write.

When I am writing, I feel that need fulfilled. It feels almost poetic… a justice to the words and thoughts I needed to get out.

Sometimes the writing is good, and flows freely. Sometimes the words are stilted and unsure, as if they don’t know which direction to take. But no matter what, when I am writing, I feel alive.

But there is one thing I really hate about writing. When I am writing, and feeling alive, I am also very receptive to my inner thoughts. And I feel the new worlds, the new plots, developing… even when I am deep in the middle of a totally non-connected plot.

It usually happens when I am already in the midst of a plot, and I have all these new ideas occur to me. These new plots, sub plots, characters and story ideas that just inundate my brain and make it impossible to focus on the plot I am working on.

During this time, I usually just take a break from writing and grab some index cards or post its and start frantically taking notes to get the thoughts and ideas out. Often once they are all down on paper, I can return to the project at hand and get back to work.

Sometimes though, I can’t get back to work because the new story idea is yelling at me to work on it. And no matter how much I write down, it isn’t enough for those little plot bunnies that want me to keep going.

When you are working on a deadline, this can certainly wreak havoc. So today I am lost in organizing the ideas for a whole new novel, that I will work on around Christmas. I wish it would release me. I need to get back to work on my NaNo Novel and quit dreaming up new ideas.

How are you guys doing on your word counts for your current WIP? How are your novels developing? Would love to hear about it!

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  1. says

    I am sitting at 30,116 for the day. I have been working very hard and I understand your issue. I have two budding ideas in my head and it is going to make my last 20K drag.

    Development wise I am doing well. I’m very happy because I created a new world and religion. So far I have made it grow without too many contradictions or plot holes. Hopefully. Good luck!

  2. admin says

    Abbey, your word count is awesome. Congrats.
    Your story sounds interesting and I am glad to hear it is flowing for you. I am hoping mine continues to flow after I flesh out a little of the new plot so I can move on.
    I’m glad I’m not alone. Good luck!

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