Take a Mommy Time-Out with Bigelow Tea and Lemon Iced Tea #AmericasTea #shop

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Bigelow Lemon Iced Tea #shop #AmericasTea

Goodness knows my life is so busy, I could stand to take more mommy time-outs than I do. With five teenagers and a toddler running around on most days, I have my hands full, not to mention working from home nearly 24-7. So it’s imperative I take breaks for myself.

Mom’s Time Out

Bigelow Tea makes it easy for me to take a break when I need it. And I don’t always have to choose hot tea, with Bigelow, though I often do. I can make Iced Tea just the same way I create any iced tea with bags. Their quality tea comes in a foil pouch for freshness, which I love. The flavors are richer and more distinct with Bigelow Tea, which is a huge plus. Bigelow makes it fun for me to prop up my feet, sip a hot cup of tea and listen to some music or watch some TV to unwind.

Bigelow Iced Tea

I have an iced tea maker, so that’s how I usually make my iced tea. However, if I know it’s going to be a beautiful day and that I will want a mommy break later on, I will throw a few tea bags into a big pitcher and allow the sun to do it’s work. There is something magical about sun tea!

When it comes time to gift giving, my mom and a few best friends (all moms too) are major tea drinkers, so with the help of Bigelow Tea, I can put together a huge basket of goodies for them anytime.


Bigelow-Tea-Store-Photo #shop #AmericasTea

Bigelow has a wide assortment of flavored teas and they can all be found at your local Walmart store down the tea aisle. I usually pick up a few boxes when I am there, because they are inexpensive and well, I need a constant supply on hand. Plus, there are just so many flavors, you always have something new to try.

Bigelow Tea Boxes #shop #AmericasTeaBigelow Lemon Iced Tea #shop #AmericasTea

One of my favorite ways to enjoy Bigelow tea is iced, with real lemon slices inside. The lemon slices just add to the mood and you feel like you are really taking a moment to yourself (either that or dining at a fancy restaurant, but I prefer the former).

Take a Mommy Time-Out with Bigelow Tea and Lemon Iced Tea #AmericasTea
  • 4 bags of any flavor Bigelow Tea (I used black tea)
  • 3 slices of lemon
  • Ice
  • Iced Tea Maker or the Sun
For an Iced Tea Maker:
  1. Follow the directions on the Iced Tea Maker. Add 4 Bigelow tea bags.
  2. Brew.
  3. When done, pour into a tall glass or mason jar. Add ice.
  4. Slice lemon and place as many as you can fit in there.Add sweetener and enjoy!
For the Sun:
  1. In a large GLASS pitcher, place 4-6 Bigelow Tea bags. Fill with water.
  2. Find a place outside with direct sunlight for at least 3-5 hours and allow the pitcher to steep.
  3. When it's ready, pour into glasses with lots of ice and add lemon slices, sweetener. Enjoy!

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    That’s one beautiful glass of iced tea! Sounds so refreshing. I just made my first sun tea of the year this past week…with Bigelow Tea, of course! #client

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