Sweet Alex is Here! And he’s Perfect!


Yesterday was such a busy day for us. So many fun and exciting things.

First, if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that my kids are in a Fife & Drum corps. You might not know that because of this, our Christmas is busier than most. Our weekends are full of parades every Saturday and Sunday and hanging out with all the traditional Christmas characters down on Main Street. The kids get to hand out cards to children that collect them, along with all the characters and this year my daughter got to be on the Fife & Drum corp. card. She’s the one in the front.

And that’s the flag she carries in the background. I should have one, maybe two more of my kids on the card next year too. Yes, it makes me smile, plus its loads more fun passing out cards when your face or your siblings face in on the front. Trust me. I’m watching them.

You might have also watched the news recently and seen the terrible town in Missouri that had the Sugar Plum Fairy that was fired? Yes, that was us. Yes, it sucks. But she’s back as the Sweet Tooth Fairy and was hired by two of our favorite businesses down there, so never fear, her Christmas has been saved.

I also found this fun picture from the Post Dispatch. This was taken on Friday as the kids brought Santa to the Gazebo on Main Street. That’s Brielle in the front with the American flag, my son Ryan with the St. Charles flag on the left and my daughter Jessica on the right with the Lewis & Clark F&D Corps. Flag. Very awesome. (They love seeing themselves on the news and in the paper)

So our Saturday and Sunday looked exactly the same, except Saturday it was raining and yesterday it was FREEZING. lol

That is what every weekend will look like until Christmas.

But something even better happened yesterday. I became an Aunt for the first time. My brother, Stephen and his wife, Jolina, brought beautiful Alexander into the world yesterday.

He is 50% American and 50% Filipino. He’s simply beautiful and gorgeous and perfect. Made my whole Christmas complete.

We couldn’t be happier and more excited. He is the first baby in our family in over 13 years (and that would be the munchkin carrying the American flag up above (Brielle aka. Mini Chef).

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