Sunday Morning Reflections

I could have participated in Silent Sunday (a photo meme) but I needed to put some words with my post. This morning we had to get up bright and early (5:30am) so we could drive 45 minutes out to retrieve my husband from the lake, because he was in an overnight Bass fishing tournament with his buddy. He does this a lot, and I don’t normally have to pick him up. So I don’t normally drive to the lake this early in the morning.

I’m so glad I had to.

As much as we go out to that lake, and as much as we enjoy the beauty that surrounds us when we are out there, I have never seen the lake, the water, the trees, the serenity… the beauty that entangles all that is early morning on the lake. It was so quiet. So serene. So reflective. Perfect for a walk along the beach in total silence.

Walking Along The Lake

Apparently, mini-chef thought it would be beautiful and nice too, because she was the only one who weathered the early morning alarm clock with me. The rest of them stayed at home and slept. In fact, they are still sleeping. She enjoyed an early morning walk along the beach. This was about 6:45am.


Beautiful Lake

I wish I had brought my good camera, because these photo do NOT do it justice. It’s simply gorgeous and well, like I said – this photo is not nearly as pretty as it was. Not to mention, you can tell it was early in the morning because my composition is just lovely – clearly I put a lot of thought into this photo. I mean I managed to capture those tipped over lifeguard chairs. haha.

On the Lake

Little miss mini chef got to take a ride back to the marina in the boat, she loved it.

On the Lake

Hi Mom!

On the Lake

My wonderful husband getting ready to anchor the boat in their marina slip.

Beautiful morning.

Watching them secure the boat.

Mini Chef is watching them secure the boat. She is so deep in thought. LOL


The Lake

Sweet Smile


And in case anyone is wondering. I’d really LOVE to live here. 😉


House on the Lake

And in case anyone is wondering... I'd really LOVE to live here! lol


I can tell you, I will make more of an effort to make this drive to the lake early in the morning hours more often. It’s the perfect amount of beauty and silence, to make the day reflective. I’m inspired to write today.

I’d like to get all the kids up early to experience sunrise at the lake.

We’re heading back out to the lake late this afternoon. I’m bringing my good camera, to try and get some less blurry, photos of the lake. LOL

What are your plans for this beautiful * hot * Sunday?


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