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Life Story at The Daily Dish RecipesAfter being completely aggravated by my hosting company and the merging of the hosting accounts (which didn’t quite work the way it was supposed to), I had to restore everything on my blog. While I was restoring everything … suddenly my “links” updated and I could see who was saying what about my posts. So I follow them, just to check them out and I come across this post.

Does anyone want to just scream with me now? My blog won the grand prize of $75. So first, I think… well why wasn’t I notified? Is this the only way they notify you? Nope.

Unfortunately, I set up adgitize with an old acct (it was active at the time) that got inundated with spam, and so I quit using it. I went to adgitize and realized there is no way to change your email address.

At any rate, I checked that email acct, and low and behold… here’s what they sent me:

Hi Nicole,

I want to congratulate you on winning $75 USD in the Adgitize August Fireworks Contest. Go to to see more details.

As our Grand Prize winner you were chosen from 62,076 entries. Thank you for joining our contest and congratulations.

If we have your PayPal email address in our system we will send you the winnings later today. If you have not given Adgitize your PayPal email address then please go to the Member’s Lounge ==> Profile ==> Member Payment section to enter your Paypal address.

If you have any questions or problems please let us know.

Thank you and Congratulations.


Ken Brown

Arrrrrgh!!! Who couldn’t use $75?!?!?! So anyway, I replied to him and then CC’d it to my private email, so we shall see what comes. I am sure it is FAR too late to even get the $$ now. So, now I’m bummed so I am going to go make dinner on my new George Foreman grill and pout in silence. I am not EVEN going to ask what else could go wrong, because I know that it could be much worse.

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  1. says

    Usually Ken Brown is that kind of business man who would give you your prize even after such a long time.

    And i didn’t read anything on Adgitize’s blog that they gave the prize to another winner (as the official winner wasn’t available).

    Good luck and hope you keep us updated!

  2. says

    This is super old, but wanted to update anyway because I realize I never did on this actual post. Ken did indeed reply back and still awarded me the $75!
    It was a pleasant surprise and a total gift and the fact that he honored it after all that time says so much about his character.

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