St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and the Pinterest recipes and crafts in honor of the fun Irish holiday abound. I am a bit of a Pinterest addict to begin with, but when holiday time (any holiday) comes around (yes even the Day of the Irish), I tend to get a bit more caught up in the whole thing. Normally I would just share a bunch of St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest recipes with you, but I also plan to share some fun Pinterest crafts and decorations as well.

After spending a great deal of time looking for new and different recipes and crafts on Pinterest in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve put together this fun little collection of some of the best we could find.

HOWEVER, we want you to participate too. If you have an awesome St. Patrick’s Day recipe or craft on your blog, go ahead and link it up. If you want to share a Pinterest recipe or craft, that’s okay too and very welcome. The process is a tiny bit different for adding a Pinterest Pin though, so please keep reading.

YOUR BLOG: Just follow the directions like you would any linky party.

PINTEREST RECIPES PINS: For some strange reason, LinkyTools can’t find photos on Pinterest pages. No idea why, but it can’t. Ironic since the site is made up of photos, but anyway it can’t. So if you have a pin you want to share, copy the URL directly for the exact pin, right click on the photo and save it on your computer and then click on “Click Here to Enter” below. It will have you copy the URL for the pin, then the title of the recipe, then your email address and then cropping your own image should already be selected and then select From File. You can upload the photo and crop it the way you think it looks best. It’s really not hard.

I hope you’ll join in and share some of your delicious St. Patrick’s Day Blog or Pinterest Recipes, Crafts or Decorations. These holiday themed posts seem to be quite popular on my blog and hopefully will bring you a few clicks before the big event. I’ll continue to add more as the holiday approaches – the linky will be open until early afternoon on the 18th. Thanks so much for joining in!

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  1. says

    I just retired from the bed and breakfast business and I can’t tell you how many dozens of chocolate covered strawberries I made each year. Love the idea of green chocolated covered strawberries for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve got to pass this idea on to the new owner. Thanks!

  2. Natasha Gopinko says

    Yummy. I am totally clueless about Pinterest and am excited to learn about it and how I can use it..
    Thanks for sharing.

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