Sick Sucks

Well, I was doing better. I was on a roll and I thought I might kick the rest of the novel out over the last few days, because I was doing so well. Yeah. Then I got sick.

Seven people in my family and mom gets sick. Let me just say how much fun that has been. I feel like I got hit with a truck. I’m still trying to write when I can, but I am not getting as much done as I had hoped. This morning I don’t necessarily feel ‘better’ but I guess I do from yesterday, so maybe after a nap this afternoon I will churn out some more words.

I have to get prepared for Thanksgiving today, so it isn’t real feasable that I will be doing much, but I’m going to try.

How is everyone else doing? Anyone else battling sickness during this NaNo thing? I have never been sick during NaNo – so this is honestly a first in five years. *sigh*

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