Scrapbooking Soothes the Soul

I have been having scrapbook withdrawl. No, really. I have.

I am a die hard scrapbooker by nature who has sort of fallen off the wagon recently. Mostly because we are putting our house on the market so we’ve been packing things like crazy and well, the scrapbook supplies got packed up too. While that might have seemed like a good idea at the time, it wasn’t.

I miss my scrapbooks. I miss my layouts. I miss my scrapbook supplies and toys. But most of all, I miss my creative outlet.
Recently, I ordered about 200 digital photos to be printed, and I received them yesterday, and when I started looking through them, I got all sad. I love writing, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it takes priority over my favorite hobby and sometimes I realize I really should make time for both. Technically they go together.

Scrapbooking has always been an outlet for me. I had one of the first scrapbooking sites on the Internet in 1993 when I was pregnant with my first son. I also hosted the very first scrapbooking AND craft Internet email group. It was long before yahoo groups was around and even before egroups came along which was before yahoo and geocities and all that craziness. It’s funny to look back at that and realize how long I’ve been scrapbooking.

Anyway, one of my daughter’s decided she wanted to make her Valentine’s cards and she really wanted to use my insane amount of punches. No really, it’s an insane amount. Like over 400! Yes, I know, psycho scrapbook lady! Anyway, so we had already taken them over to the storage unit that looks like a small house, because seriously it’s that big! And so we trucked over there the other night in the cold and had to unearth them from beneath several boxes and behind a couple of mattress’. It was not fun. In fact, it was a pain in the rear. And, they are heavy as all get out!

However, sitting there watching Melissa create with them was priceless. It made it all worth it and she made some very cute Valentines for her friends. It made me long to create again. So we grabbed a few more things and after this horrible snow storm, I am going to trek back over and grab some more. I also decided that for every box or cabinet or cart I bring back from storage, means that I have to take double that amount over. At this point I will be taking six boxes with me when I go get more stuff. And who knows after that.

So, I am getting my own scrapbook area when we move, but our basement now is dimly lit and kinda sucks for scrapbooking but it will have to make do. I have a folding card table (gosh I miss my huge banquet table) and a couple of folding chairs and well, I’m satisfied for now. I just want the rest of my stuff to go along with it.

Piece of advice for fellow scrapbookers: When you are moving, pack your scrapbook stuff LAST! Do not assume that you can live without it for any period of time even if you think it will only be a couple of weeks. That is not the case and usually never is. You will miss your creative outlet and will want to scrapbook as much as I have wanted to.
Happy Scrappin’!

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