Remember The Coupons!

I am continuously amazed to see my neighbors and friends tossing away their “junk mail” without even looking through it.

Of course I understand is this day and age that decluttering is a huge part of our lives, but you cannot forget that not everything has to go in the trash. Coupons are typically NOT trash, they are cash!

There are coupons for local restaurants usually within that “junk”. Even if it’s a buy a burger get a soda free…think about that – it’s around a $1 savings for something you probably would have gotten anyway!

Plus, have you ever noticed that sometimes there are great discounts and coupons on things like getting your gutters cleaned, carpets cleaned, chimney’s sweeped, dents in cars removed, etc. All those coupons help add up to great savings!

Look through your “junk mail”, coupon paks, newspapers, and more for coupons to local restaurants, fast food, and sometimes you can even find coupons for a buy a ticket get a ticket free to an upcoming concert, etc. So keep those coupons!!

And lately they’ve been hiding grocery coupons amongst all that stuff too, so always watch!

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