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oster_fusion_blenderLast summer I was on the hunt for a new blender. I did some research, read product reviews and asked family and friends what they use and what they had previously used that were and weren’t good brands. Another cool thing I got to do, was attend a class where we tested several small kitchen appliances. After all of that, I decided on the Oster Fusion Blender for several reasons, which will be explained below in a past product review.  Since it’s been a year since I got my blender, I thought I would at least share an update on how it has worked for us, if it is still working and any other info.

Below is my original review:

The first thing that grabbed me is that it boasts a 600-watt motor that has a reversible motor and a six-point shaped blade. I was impressed with the speed, and power that it blended cold and frozen drinks. It was the main reason I picked this one.

Another thing I really like about it, is that it makes five cups at a time, and with five children this was important to us. There is nothing more awful than being one of the last two children to wait for a special drink to be made while everyone else is busy enjoying theirs because there wasn’t enough room to make several at a time. It also has a pre-programmed frozen drink setting and with one push of a button and the inclusion of some ingredients, you have a frozen beverage in less than 30 seconds. That was a great selling point for me. Speed and ease of use are both very important to me.

When I brought my new kitchen gadget/toy home, I was pretty excited about using it right away. The first thing we used it for was an evening of drinks by the pool at a friends house. I was so amazed at how quickly it made everything, how easy it was to use and how delicious everything tasted (blends very well). The reverse motor was pretty impressive and was the selling point for my friends husband who purchased one the next day. The reverse motor pulls the ice down to the bottom to be blended, unlike a regular blender where you have to either blend the ice first or push it down to the bottom. Or much like my old blender, not get ice blended at all.

It isn’t just a blender or a frozen/smoothie maker – it actually also works as a food processor which was another point I liked. I need a food processor and figured if I could get a 2-in-1 deal on something that would do multiple things, I’m all over that. I have used it twice as a food processor and both times had good luck, despite what a few negative reviews online said. I am thinking that perhaps too much food might have been added and this is why they had hard luck when using the food processor feature. It worked well, and now I don’t think I will need a food processor.

Since I puree a lot of foods, I had to try my purees out on the blender to see how well it did. I wanted to try something out of the Sneaky Chef which called for a White Puree which was cauliflower. It blended the cauliflower seamlessly and I was impressed at how quickly it all happened. I was able to make extras to freeze which I love when I’m cooking (to be able to grab something premade and not have to do it right then and there every time).

There were only two things I might consider ‘cons’ when deciding on this blender. The first was the price, and only because it was retailing at $69.99, but it really was worth every cent of that. I did get lucky and get it for $59.99 (not sure why but that is what it rang up). The other thing is that because of its power, it is LOUD. However, if you can overlook the sound, and have the money to spend on a good blender, it is worth the price to get all that I have mentioned in one little gadget/appliance.

I give the Oster Fusion Blender FIVE stars. *****

So having read that, let me now tell you, that exactly one year later – I wouldn’t replace this blender for any reason. It has come in handy for dozens of reasons, it makes the best smoothies, the best mixes – I can use it for frozen drinks, batters, to chop food, blend food, grind food and so much more. I love this thing.

With summer upon us, I am planning on sharing dozens of delicious smoothie and frozen drink recipes, and wanted you to know what kind of blender we use to make our drinks.

What kind of blender do you use for smoothies and blended drinks?

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