Product Review: Emerilware T-fal Bread and Baguette Maker

bread-machineI’m completely swooning. This beautiful baby was my second favorite Christmas gift this year. Among the clothes and accessories, knick knacks, books and other wonderful things I received, were two big boxes both from my mother. I was shocked when I saw the coffee maker, and was even more surprised when I opened the largest box and discovered this baby from my tiny wish list too. Isn’t it ironic that both of my favorite Christmas gifts were for my kitchen. I’m seriously a cooking addict.

This is Emeril’s bread machine and it is so fantastic. Not only does it make some amazing bread, but you don’t have to do anything. It does all the work. I was surprised when it told me to just add bread flour, then add some sugar and then a few more things – no mixing – no nothing – dump, press the button for what you are making and go. You can even preset it to start while you are away, which to me is reminiscent of a crock pot, only bread tastes much better in a bread machine.

Everything pictured here was included in the box I got – including a whole ring full of recipe cards from Emeril’s collection and then a user manual with even more recipes. Oh, and the bread maker doesn’t just make bread – nope it helps prepare the dough for rolls, and even makes baguettes! See those cute trays on the left – yep those are baguette trays! I just love this machine. So expect a recipe or two and some pictures of our creations.

Does anyone else have this bread maker? What have you made in it?

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