Product Review: Best Coffee Maker Ever!

new-coffee-makerIs this seriously the most beautiful thing ever? This was one of my Christmas gifts this year from my mother who always tries to get me whatever is on my wish list every year. This year I totally did not expect it because the coffee maker was a bit more than what we usually spend for Christmas all by itself.

So I get this baby home (it’s a Melitta ME1MSB Smart Brew), and I am SO excited to get rid of the $12 temporary model I was using and plug ‘er right in. Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I’m looking at the weather, the three day forecast, the wind speed, sunset/sunrise times and so much more. All that and it brews coffee too! And just for the record, if anyone ever tells you that a coffee maker is a coffee maker – ha! I can totally prove them wrong – this baby makes one heck of a cup of coffee. The reason I wanted this specific model is because it is an upgrade from my former coffee maker that took her own life about a year ago. (pictured below) – it grinds and it doesn’t require filters because there is a built in filter. It’s simply beautiful. So how does this little miracle get all this information to you everyday? It connects to an invisible FM signal (and no I didn’t have to set up a thing – all I had to do was plug ‘er in!) and she downloaded straight from MSN Direct.

old-coffee-makerSeriously this is the best coffee maker ever and my mom gave me the best Christmas present ever!

Oh, and this picture (to the right) is my former coffee maker that died last year (like as in 2007). Same brand, lesser model – retired now. I loved her once, but now there’s a new baby in town!

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