Please Remember…

Cyndi, this was the earlier one….enjoy! (didn’t we always know?)

“Please Remember”

I sit here alone,
and wonder what went wrong…
I think of you and smile and remember when times were good.

Though it seems things are rough right now,
maybe through the tears and pain …. someday we will join again.

I hope you will remember me,
when we were there for each other,
when we spent hours together, and it was all we had.

I miss the way it was,
and it hurts so very bad.
And why cannot I just get back to that place again?

I just cannot say good-bye,
and walk away with only memories.
There’s too much that still can be,
and I won’t leave that all behind.

I hope you will remember….
the times we laughed and cried,
the times we shared our deepest secrets,
and the times we could have – again.

Only sadness comes from saying good-bye.
Only hurt and pain and that is just not how it should be.
We were meant to be,
and I cannot erase that time,
And our dreams are too strong to walk away.

Please remember…….

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