Picture of our weekend, Menu Plan Monday and other random stuff

I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful holiday weekend. We had a couple of events this weekend, so we didn’t get much of a weekend at all. My children played at the Veteran’s Festival in Forest Park on Saturday morning and for a 5k walk on Sunday morning in honor of the Veteran’s and to raise money for a memorial to be placed right near where we are standing. Here’s a cell phone pic:

Lewis and Clark Fife & Drum

It was such an honor to be there for the event on Sunday, but Saturday’s was slightly disastrous and my son is still sick from it. We had an excessive heat warning and then add those beautiful wool coats, and the wool weskits underneath and that all spells disaster. At least Sunday was a good one.

I am hoping the week ahead will slow down a little bit. I’m looking forward to calmer week, definitely.

Menu Plan Monday


Dinner: Grilled All Beef Hot Dogs, Bacon and Swiss Burgers on the Grill, Loaded Baked Potatoes,


Dinner: I have a board meeting – something super fast – we’ll pull a Creamy Ham Noodle Casserole from the freezer. THIS is why I love Freezer Cooking!


Dinner: Egg Salad Sandwiches – by request by daughter #2 (also known as mini chef)


Dinner: Lemon Olive Chicken with Orzo


Dinner: Pork Spiedis with Grilled Corn w/fresh fruit salad


Dinner: Baked Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potato Casserole & Green Beans – Yes, Thanksgiving – don’t judge. We’re loving our weather.


Dinner: Soft Tacos, Mexican Rice, Refried Beans, Fresh Salsa and Chips

If you’d like to participate in Menu Plan Monday, be sure to check out this post.

And courtesy of my friend eDee over at Stuck at Home Mom – I must share this.

Six Truths in Life

1 . You cannot stick your tongue out and look up at the ceiling at the same time, a physical impossibility due to the tendons within your neck .
2 . All idiots, after reading #1 will try it .
3 . And discover #1 is a lie .
4 . You are smiling now because you are an idiot .
5 . You soon will Share this with another idiot .
6 . There is still a stupid smile on your face . I sincerely apologize about this…but I’m an idiot and I needed company

Again, I mention – I have a board meeting to attend tonight – please pray that I return home in one piece. They never seem to go as planned. I’m glad they aren’t monthly.

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  1. Stuck At Home Mom says

    OMGosh, I totally love this randomness! And still not so random – It’s great!!!
    I may have to do a random dish myself!!
    Love it!

  2. says

    Just checking if you made it home in one piece! Hello?

    Sorry your son wasn’t well; those outfits look so warm…poor guy.

    Your menu made me hungry (and ready for Thanksgiving!)

  3. says

    Sheri, I love that you checked in to make sure I made it home! haha – Yeah, so we didn’t wind up making it there… I feel like a higher power was trying to prevent me from going. It was interesting to say the least, thankfully WE are all fine – but other people aren’t – and everything that could go wrong last night, did.
    I was very thankful when we finally pulled back into my driveway, however – weirdness continued to ensue – I may or may not post about that later today. I might just share it in the tribe. xoxox

  4. says

    The kids look amazing! So realistic. . . I can NOT imagine how uncomfortable that must have been for them. And he is sick? That is scary to get that overheated and dehydrated! We had a taste of that with our son 8 years old playing football in full pads in high humidity, full sun and 95+ degrees Friday. I wanted to pull him but my son wanted to play?!?! I had to leave at half time to go sit in the car with the air conditioner blowing on me but I wanted to run screaming with arms flailing all the way home to a cold shower! UGH.

    Glad you are safe and sound.

    • says

      @Jenny, VERY scary! He is just starting to feel better today. He didn’t just deal with dehydration and exhaustion, he got a full blown out cold – hacking cough, sore throat, fever, etc. It sucked for him and I know it wouldn’t have happened if not for Saturday, but it wasn’t expected so it’s all fine now. These summer events are difficult for anyone and it sounds like your weather is exactly like ours!
      Thanks for the sweet words – they love what they do and I couldn’t be more proud. If anyone has asked me if we’d ever be in a fife and drum corps. or doing re-enactments 2 years ago, I’d have laughed. Never been into History – but boy if they taught it where we got to experience it like we do now – yep I would have been ALL over that. :) We have another event his weekend, so I’m sure more pics will be appear! :)

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