5 Summer Ice Cream Recipes to Beat the Heat!

5 Summer Ice Cream Recipes

I don’t know where you are, but where I am (St. Louis) we’ve had some weird weather the past month. One week it’s so hot and humid you can barely breathe and the next week you start wondering if Fall is around the corner.  It’s definitely been a strange summer, but I am not complaining because I enjoy the fact that we haven’t hit temps like we did last year. But even with the “cooler than usual” temps, it’s still hot and we are still finding ways to beat the heat.


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Music Meme Day 3 – Michael W. Smith

Day 3 – Genre – Contemporary Christian We changed genre’s for a bit.   Michael W. Smith – Smitty is 17 years into a career which began as Amy Grant’s keyboard player, you’ve already been awarded 23 #1 songs, 1 platinum record, 6 gold records, two Grammy awards and 22 Doves awards. This year also… 

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Music Meme Day 2 – Martina McBride

Day 2 – Genre – New Country – Tomorrow we’ll change genre’s a little. Ok, it’s day 2 and I did it again. LOL Why is this so fun? Or am I just an oddball here? Martina McBride (born Martina Schiff) was born July 29, 1966, in Sharon, Kan., and grew up on a farm… 

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Music MeMe Day 1 – Reba McEntire

Day 1 – Genre – Old Country I am not well-versed on the whole MeMe thing but I was browsing blog explosion and came upon a cute one (and well me and my music), so I decided to do it! It was challenging to say the very least. I thought I’d add a blurb about… 

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Frugal Stocking Stuffers for Anyone

What was that I forgot? So the gifts are bought and wrapped and placed beautifully under the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree. Cookies for Santa have been left, and the children are sleeping all snuggled in their bed. Oh No! What about those stockings hung by the Chimney with Care? What do you put… 

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Cookies & Traditions

Christmas Cookies Recipes & Traditions

I thought I would share with you some great Christmas Cookies – well, the recipes that create the Christmas Cookies anyway. (sorry impossible for me to actually SHARE the cookies themselves with you) LOL First, let me explain about the Christmas Cookies. Every year, we host a “Christmas Cookies Party”. And every year, we invite… 

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Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

How To: Converting Recipes For the Slow Cooker or Crock-pot

Do you ever look at your slow cooker longingly and wish you could make tonight’s dinner in it, but it’s not made for a crock-pot?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to convert that recipe to work with your slow cooker? You can adapt traditional recipes, and it’s fairly easy but there are a… 

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Gift Basket Ideas & Survival Kit Ideas

We are beginning our unofficial “Countdown To Christmas” today – (this article was not TRULY posted on this date, but we had some “blogger issues” and are going back to add the articles already written!) Today’s post actually begins with a download. Last year I wrote an ebook (and yes required payment) and filled it… 

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Trash To Treasures

I’ve been a “Trash to Treasure” girl for as long as I can remember. (I’m sure if you ask my ex husband, even he will agree).I have come up with some creative ideas using TRASH to create beautiful Christmas treasures. Lightbulbs – When a lightbulb in burnt out, SAVE it. I use white acrylic paint… 

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Lighted Christmas Wreath

Lighted Christmas Wreath Is your wreath boring? Or do you have a plain green one just lying around waiting to be decorated for the holiday – if you were like me, you purchased it last year for 75% off at Michaels! LOL Who doesn’t love the look of a lighted wreath. But store bought one’s… 

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Boxes, Candles, and More!

Centerpiece ideas, and more. The holidays don’t have to cost you a fortune for decorations, because often you can use what you already have. For instance – if you have tons of votives in little glass jars, place a mirror or stainless steel silver platter in the center of your holiday table. Cluster about 5-6… 

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