Lemon Thyme Pork Chops with Quinoa, Asparagus & Red Peppers | Farberware #NewTraditions #giveaway

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All recipes, photos and opinions are my own.

Lemon Thyme Pork Chops with Quinoa, Asparagus & Red Peppers

Our family has a few favorite recipes that we tend to turn to again and again. Who doesn’t love a classic pork chop, paired with some veggies, or a salad. With Spring having arrived here in St. Louis, my asparagus and herbs are already growing like crazy in my garden and I already see signs of baby peppers. I wanted to update our normal pork chop recipe with a fun twist for Spring. Enter in these delicious, Lemon Thyme Pork Chops with Quinoa, Asparagus & Red Peppers. It’s an entire meal in itself and is a quick and easy recipe to boot. Can’t beat that, since easy and quick are the name of the game in this house.

As usual, the real test is, can I get five hungry teenagers and a picky toddler to eat it? Success! They devoured them and several wanted more. The light lemon and thyme flavor was just what the pork chops needed. Serving them over a bed of quinoa tossed with fresh asparagus and red peppers was the perfect addition to fill everyone up.

I got a chance to use my  new Farberware New Traditions Cookware in Aqua to make this meal, and I just loved how great it was. You can find out more about that below AND you can enter to win your own Farberware New Traditions Cookware set.

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Use what you have!

I know I preach that over and over – but often times, it’s the best, most frugal WAY to decorate! So dig through your storage area, and look to see what you have.Add a decorative touch to your already existing décor with a splash of color. This time of year, go with burnt oranges, greens,… 

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An Elegant Pumpkin!

After cleaning out the interior of a pumpkin, you can use drill bits of different sizes to make dots and circles, arranging them in festive designs all over the pumpkins (abstract patterns, bunches of grapes, faces, etc.).Consider using carved pumpkins or gourds as autumn centerpieces on your holiday table. Add candles and the beauty is… 

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Have a SAFE Halloween – and new topic!

Ok, I wish all of you a safe halloween. Stay warm, (or cool if you’re in a hot state!) We have rain today, so it’s not looking real great for us tonight. We shall see. Our new topic – Thanksgiving/Autumn decorations. Frugality is a must! I am so THANKFUL that our Halloween topic is finally… 

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Be Safe!! or BOX it up!

Be safe tomorrow night! Keep those children in sight at all times, and look up safety tips (remember your flashlight!) Ok here are some cute halloween costumes using BOXES!! (someone actually emailed this list to me so I have no idea where it’s from!) Pokemon card Last year I made my 6 year old into… 

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Sweats and Tights!

So far the favorite costumes are anything having to do with sweats or tights. Do you think it has something to do with the fact that sweats are so cheap at Wal-mart?!? LOL Well, here are some just for you guys who love those costumes! SKUNK: Black sweats with white strip down the back. You… 

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Some more spooky things to be!

QUASIMODO (THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME): Build the “hunchback” out of foam or cardboard. Find an old coat several sizes too large to accomodate this. Old, ratty clothes are great! Wear a snaggly wig and keep putting hand up to ear and muttering “eh?”. PIRATE: Form a fake wooden leg by wrapping your bad one… 

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Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many!

I had no idea I really had THIS many costume ideas! LOL Here are some more! OLD WOMAN: Old style dress, just below knee, knee-hi stockings rolled down a little, oxfords, large black purse. NERD: Slick back the hair, grab some paints that are too short, white shirt, white socks, penny loafers, or lace up… 

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Wedding Speech For My Parents

On January 10, 1993 my father passed away. On October 26, 2002, my mother married her boyfriend of 8 years. She met Ed in 1994. They were such close friends, I don’t think any of us were sure what would happen. However, I am pleased to say that they have celebrated 11 years together now… 

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Knock, Knock – It’s UPS

I read about someone dressing her children in her husband’s UPS uniforms from work. The parents were the packages wearing big boxes with “handle with care” and “fragile” stickers. They were the hit of the neighborhood! So, if you want to mimic this idea – you could put your child in a cubscout uniform shirt… 

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Hmm…more ideas?

NINJA: Black turtleneck (best) or long sleeved shirt, and black pants (sweatpants look best) and 2 strips of bright (neon) fabric. Use one strip for a belt and one for a headband. Black stretch gloves (about $1 at WalMart or Target) make a nice addition if you’re in a cold climate. You can make ninja… 

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