Outlet Malls – Find them, USE THEM!

There are now Web sites that allow you to print free coupons for traditional stores. These are easy to use because you just print them when you need them. Find printable clothes coupons at www.thecouponmom.com and www.keycode.com. There are other’s that you could probably google for, but these are the one’s I use most often!

If you like to shop at outlet malls, you can find many good coupons for dozens of outlet stores in two ways:
1. Selected outlet malls have coupon books available for about $5 at the mall’s management office. However, if you visit www.premiumoutlets.com, you can print a voucher that entitles you to a free coupon booklet at the management office. As an example, one outlet mall has 140 stores and their coupon booklet had coupons for 90 of the stores.
2. You can also print coupons for selected outlet stores at their Web site. How fun is that?!

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