Organization Rut

What is my deal? For some super odd reason I was born with some twisted gene that makes me like to organize. Come on, isn’t that a tiny bit strange? Anyway, every once in awhile I will get into a rut. It isn’t that I don’t want to organize or get clutter out of an area, it is usually that I have trouble figuring out what I want to do with an area.

Right now, that’s my scrapbooking area. I’ve got certain aspects of it organized, and those are working for me. I have SO much stuff that I am just not willing to part with, that it makes it difficult with my space to figure out how to store things. I am contemplating building shelving units to put below a few of my tables to at least hold my large amount of scrapbooking books and magazines.
Pens are another issue. I have dozens of brands, and they almost all have different uses. It’s kinda pathetic when you get right down to it. My favorite area in the whole house and I have so much trouble getting things organized and stored within the space.

Do you have a trouble spot in your home? If so, share what it is.

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