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I know I’m strange, but you’ve probably noticed, I love lists. My favorite thing at the end of the year is finding top ten lists. Doesn’t necessarily matter what they are of, they just need to be interesting. So after I grabbed my cup of coffee this morning I checked my email and I had one from a friend directing me to … what else? … a Top 10 list on someone’s blog. I thought it was amusing and honestly can agree that I probably got many of the same messages. So here is a top 10 list for your enjoyment!

AOL released what they’re calling the Top Spam Subjects for 2005. AOL apparently blocked over 556 billion spam emails in 2005, and they used this data to compile this list of the
Top 10:

  • Online Prescriptions Made Easy
  • Thank you: Your $199 Rolex Special Included
  • Your Mortgage Application is Ready
  • Thank you for your business. Shipment notification
  • Breaking Stock News** Small Cap Issue Poised to Triple
  • It’s Lisa, I must have sent you to the wrong site
  • Get an Apple iPod Nano, PS3 or Xbox 360 for Free
  • Body Wrap: Lose 6-20 inches in one hour
  • Double Standards New Product – Penis Patch
  • Donald Trump Wants You – Please Respond

    Now, although I agree with many, I also disagree… I keep getting one over and over again from several different email address’ – the subject line says:

    “re: about your website”

    Now this stupid email informs me all about a charity and other things. I also get the infamous paypal emails constantly. As well as many other’s. About being selected to win such and such, etc. It’s rather annoying, but all in all I find it more fascinating that anyone finds the time to just sit and write up spam emails and send them out. The forwards can be annoying to….now there’s a top 10 list I’d like to see! Let’s see if I can go dig one up!

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