Monday Madness Recipe Roundup for January 5, 2009

Yikes, I am a bit late posting this today, but with the holiday’s and finally trying to resume a normal “work” schedule (and I use the term schedule a little loosely) things have been hectic to say the least. I have been getting many comments and questions about my daughter and how she is doing – please see the previous post for an update. Thank you for all of your well wishes and support. You all amaze me and I feel eternally blessed to have such great friends and readers.

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Kooky Culinary is first on my list this week with an absolutely fantastic lookingBrocoli and Cheese soup .  Interestingly, I am not the biggest broccoli fan in the world, but for whatever weird reason, I do seem to enjoy it covered in cheese. LOL

The Savings Cafe had a great Buttermilk Biscuit recipe . I enjoy recipes like this, because I prefer to make things like this from scratch.

I think, The Homesteading Housewife , just might become a regular on my recipe roundup. She is always posting the most amazing recipes and her latestCajun Chicken Fettucine Alfredo recipe absolutely looks to die for. I’m SO making this, probably this week.

Mom’s Cafe Home Cooking has a really easy, and fantastic looking recipe for Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup made from leftovers and in your crockpot (my third favorite appliance in my kitchen!)Personally, I think a recipe like this is absolutely perfect for this time of year, so I plan to pop it into my menu in the next week or two.

LAST MINUTE ADD ON: 11th Heaven’s Homemaking Haven shared with all of her readers this amazing Cake Ball Recipe. My kids are on vacation until tomorrow, so I am seriously contemplating making these today.

Thanks everyone for providing such amazing and delicious recipes that cause me to drool all over my screen!

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