Menu Plan Monday 8/1/11

Menu Plan Monday

So next week is back to school week for us, and since going back to school is such a crazy time – we decided to use this week to prepare/plan/organize our freezer cooking a little so we’d have some easy meals in the coming weeks. Yes, you heard that right. We go back to school on Monday. *sigh*

So this might be my easiest week of food yet, but that’s because you aren’t seeing all the preparations that are going on behind the scenes to get meals in the freezer for the first few weeks of school. ūüėČ

I will post recipes for my freezer meals, as well as the meals below in the upcoming days, so check back! :)



We normally have¬†fife & drum practice¬†on Monday nights, but the corps had a huge weekend in Omaha, Nebraska and we had a huge weekend picking up our daughter from JBA¬†(my daughter is in the 2nd picture, first row, farthest left in blue shirt) ¬†so…. we’re not going to practice. I’ll be using the night to get organized and prepared for the meals, and sorting coupons and making a list.

Dinner: Chili & Rice, leftover Taco’s for picky eaters. Basically it’s a clean out the fridge night.


Dinner: Grilled Pizza Sandwiches, Side Salad, Vanilla Fruit Salad


Dinner: Secret Recipe Club Meal – I cannot reveal this until later this month after I’ve made it. This is the first time I have chosen almost a whole meal from a blog. I’m very excited. I love my Secret Recipe blog I was paired with this month! LOL We will also have leftover Vanilla Fruit Salad with it, because I’m making a lot. LOL


Dinner: Taco Avocado Wraps, Refried Beans,  Spinach & Strawberry Salad


Dinner: BLTA’s, fresh veggies and ranch


Dinner: Roast Beef Fajita Pita’s, Zucchini Mozzarella Medley,


Dinner:  (night before school starts): Simple Chicken Supper, Four Cheese Rice and Parmesan Knots

If you’d like to participate in¬†Menu Plan Monday, be sure to check out¬†this post.

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