Making New Recipes With Leftovers

Leftovers are usually just that, the leftover food that nobody could take another bite of. Often they get placed into the refrigerator and then get lost in that black abyss only to return one day as some un-recognizable concoction of green goo. Yuck.
Leftovers can be an awesome way to save some money too. Don’t waste the leftovers, create new recipes using up what you had.

If you made Spaghetti, add a little milk to it, heat it up and serve it as a side dish with another meal. One of my favorite ways to create a new meal is to make a stew recipe with all my leftovers. Usually I use a stock pot on my stove, but a crock pot will also work. Just dump a bunch of leftovers in and follow a regular stew recipe for cooking and water and/or milk addage.

We do this with leftover chicken, potatoes, vegetables, gravies, etc – season them up and you have a whole new meal. Sometimes your finished results are a bit thicker than you might have desired, in that case add the leftovers stew recipe you have concocted to a bed of rice or pasta. It stretches your food dollars to look at new ways to serve things.

If you are left with half a ham or half a turkey and you are looking for leftovers recipes for them, search for recipes that call for cubed or diced chicken or ham. Some recipe programs allow you to plug in the ingredients you have on hand and search that way, though I must admit, often I cannot find anything that matches what I have. That’s when I say improvise. Think about what tastes good together and turn those leftovers into a whole new recipe.

Do you have any creative ideas for leftovers? I’d love to hear them!

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