Let’s Get Cooking with the LG Intuition by Verizon

I’m a little in love at the moment. And it’s not my husband.

I mean I love my husband, this just isn’t about my husband. It’s about this glorious little object. A glorious object called the LG Intuition by Verizon.

LG Intuition by Verizon 1

The LG Intuition by Verizon

They call this object a “phablet”. Which is really just like saying it’s a phone and tablet in one. Complete with a stylus and plenty of apps to keep you busy for a lifetime.

When I was asked to play with this wonderful little device for a few weeks, use it daily and then report back, there was no way I could have known how much fun I’d have with it.

For starters, when it arrived, it was already stocked with tons of apps many that I already use (you know, the social media ones mainly). But they’d also added 4 cooking apps for me to try out so I could see how it would work in the kitchen for me. Let me start by saying that I have an android cell phone, so I’m already familiar with the programs, but getting a chance to play with these programs on a larger screen was a real treat.

I mainly used this for trying some ‘new to me’ cooking apps, using some cooking/food apps I already use,  phone calls and of course social media.


  • Large 5″ Screen Size
  • Excellent performance
  • Vibrant Color and Sharp Text

  • Stylus has no storage
  • Awkward Phone Size (5.5 by 3.56 by 0.33)
LG Intuition by Verizon

LG Intuition by Verizon with standard smartphone for comparison

Let’s start off by talking about the entire item when used to make phone calls. No lie, it was very awkward. Like as in … AWKWARD. It’s huge and it feels so odd holding it. It definitely took some getting used to. I had the LG Intuition by Verizon for 3 weeks, after about the first week I started to get more used to it and while it was still much larger than my personal cell and switching between the two made me have to start all over, I did eventually get the hang of it and it wasn’t too bad – took about a week or more before I felt completely comfortable with it. But it also looks a little odd, holding it up to your ear. So lots of people will ask you about it. Lots. But it gave me a chance to talk up the cool features the phone has and to allow others to play with it.

I got over my initial awkwardness and when I realized how much easier it was to dial a phone number when you were driving because you could see it, it made the phone worth it my opinion. It also had a voice system like most smart phones for calling, but since I was borrowing it, I did not set that feature up. The actual  calls were crystal clear, I never once lost a call, and we drive across state lines all the time, so not bad. I was impressed with the call quality that was for sure. You can certainly ask my friend Isabel how great the sound is because we used it a LOT!

Aside from the awkward size, I got used to that and started using it for all the traditional smartphone apps. I started with facebook and twitter and can I just say how much more I loved using this phone because of the larger display for things like that? If you use the internet a lot on your phone, this would be the phone for you. It’s so much easier to see things. It’s easier to type, etc. And the pinterest app, just for the pinterest app alone, I didn’t want to give it back. The photos on this thing for pinterest were AMAZING.

I of course, am a food blogger so I had to take the “phablet” into the kitchen and see how the apps I use on my own smartphone worked in there. I cannot even tell you how amazing that was and how much fun. First, the 5″ display offers XGA (1,024-by-768-pixel) resolution at a 4:3 aspect ratio, which I have been told is like the iPad, but is not normal for a standard smartphone. That was so true, it looks so much more vivid and bright compared to my normal smartphone. The photographs in the apps for the recipes I was trying (and for pinterest)  were so much more colorful and pretty. That might not matter to you, but when I want to see what the step by steps are in a recipe, it comes in pretty handy. The recipes of course were super clean and much easier to read on the larger display.

LG Intuition by Verizon

LG Intuition by Verizon with Stylus

After using it for several cooking apps, I loaded the Kindle App on there and downloaded a few of my cookbooks to see how they would work. It was a total difference of what I see on my standard smartphone. Much clearer, I didn’t need to bend over to read things, I could actually see them as the phone sat on the counter. I found this to be helpful because when your hand are covered in food, you really don’t want to be touching a device that can’t get wet. I enjoyed reading at least two books on the device as well and the experience was wonderful. Larger display, I could see. It was nice.

The stylus was wonderful, made maneuvering around through the tablet much easier, and I loved the note program that came on it. When the phone was asleep you just clicked a button, a screen came up and you could just use the stylus to write out your note real fast. I loved that, except I didn’t use it much because the one downfall is, there is no place to store the stylus. I kept misplacing it, and that meant not using it. I also used the stylus a couple of times on a drawing app and enjoyed that too, but again with the stylus storage, or lack there of.

Overall, I would totally recommend this phone/tablet provided of course that you can work with the larger size. The use of the smartphone as merely a tablet was outstanding. The use of the smartphone as an actual phone was good once you got the hang of the larger size. I was extremely impressed with the LG Intuition.

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