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Jamie Oliver - Food RevolutionI have always been a big fan of Jamie Oliver when he had his program The Naked Chef. I think I own most of his cookbooks and have made plenty of things. What I like about Jamie, is his passion for creating delicious food that people will eat using the healthiest ingredients.

This blog has never really been about eating healthy necessarily. In fact, if anything – I have plenty of recipes on here that are, well… not healthy. But since Jamie has exploded onto the scene in West Virginia and begun trying to change things in America – our whole family (yes that is 5 kids!) and both adults are on board. We aren’t in WV, we are in the midwest, but we do recognize the problem with our eating habits and food choices, and want to make the change to eat healthier.

I’m changing things a little over here at The Daily Dish. I’m still going to give you as many recipes as I used to provide, and I am not going to remove anything I have here already. However, what I am going to do is to move forward providing healthier alternatives for those recipes that have been posted and new recipes that will taste great, and that your kids will eat. I hope you’re willing to join Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

If you missed last nights sneak peak, be sure and watch the season premiere this Friday night, March 26, 2010 on ABC. Check your local listings for times.

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