Jars and Canisters – What to do with them?

For organizing small things, it can be a challenge.

Save your jars and film canisters – why? Because they can help you organize.

Clean out those jars, remove the labels, and you have the perfect storage containers for nails, screws, nuts, bolts, buttons, loose change, paper clips, elastic bands, and so much more! I’m a scrapbooker and use them to store eyelets, glitter, etc. And the best thing is, they’re see through, which means you can easily identify everything inside at a glance!

Empty film canisters are perfect for storing pins, buttons, tacks and other small items. I use these too, and generally glue an eyelet or button to the top so I can easily identify what is inside. Sort your things into these small organizing wonders, press on the top and stick a blank label around the outside.Then, label each canister to identify the contents. Finally, store these canisters in a box to keep them all together.

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