Introducing Munchie Monday #1

Introducing Munchie Monday!

My dear friend Tina, from Mom’s Crazy Cooking asked me a year ago to help her co-host This Week’s Cravings. I was so honored, I’d been following her for a long time and had been participating in Secret Recipe Club with her for over a year at that point.

Sadly, she recently made the decision to give up This Week’s Cravings because she didn’t have time for it anymore. She also said we could take it over if we wanted, and while initially, I did think about it, I decided I wanted to try something entirely different.

Thus I have begun Munchie Monday.

Munchie Monday is open to everyone, and has no requirements, though we would love it if you would at least link back to us and/or show off our button. :)

So what is Munchie Monday?

Munchie Monday is a weekly link up of recipes from food bloggers all across the web.

How do I participate in Munchie Monday?

Each Monday, I will post a recipe and beneath the recipe will be a linky. If you’re signed up for my email subscription or RSS feed subscription, you will see the post come through in your feed. If you are not, just check back on Monday mornings for the newest delicious recipe and link up yours.

What’s in it for me?

Top Ten: Each week I will choose the top 10 links (based on traffic which I will monitor) and share two posts each day of the following week on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google +.

Twitter: I have over 16,000 active followers on twitter and I will share the post with them at least 3 x’s during the week. It will continue to get exposure as it also filters through a plugin I have on my blog that tweets old posts.

Triberr: I am a member of Triberr and belong to several tribes made up of fellow food bloggers who also have good followings on Twitter. They will also be sharing my recipe post and essentially yours. As of writing this, I have 500+ members sharing my posts.

Facebook: My facebook page has over 2,000+ likes and I’m pretty active with my followers. I get quite a bit of traffic from FB. Of course I will share my post there, essentially sharing yours as well.

Google+: I will be sharing my posts on Google+ which I also get quite a bit of traffic from, so essentially your posts will be seen by them too. In addition, lately I have been growing my google+ following, so that will help us both.

Are there any rules?

No. There are no rules, no specific types of recipes – just link up any recipe you’ve made and then hop around to visit all of the great linked up recipes.

I would hope you would choose to link to my site and/or share my button though! Remember, the more you spread the word, the bigger this grows, thus helping both of us.

Please Grab Our Button!!!

Are you in?

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